10 things you should know about the Data-Entry Academy

Data entry academy
Here are 10 things you should know about the Data-Entry Academy:
1. It is a 100% online school. You can learn from anywhere in the world.
2. It is very flexible. You can take your class within any 1-hour in your entire day.
3. Even after the classes, you have 1-full year access to your class videos and lessons so you can rewatch again and again at your pace.
4. There is an active community on Telegram. All your colleagues and I are there helping you with answers to your questions.
5. You can learn on your phone. Even though, I advise that you buy a laptop later on so you can launch your data-entry business. You cannot use a phone to work for businesses, they wouldn’t take you seriously. So while learning, you can save up and buy a laptop.
6. The teaching style is adult-montesorri. I teach like you are a child. Tomorrow, I will send you one of my videos and you will see how enjoyable the course is.
7. You can pay in installments. 20k Naira now and the balance of 12,250 before the Academy starts on 1st December 2021. Total fee is 32,250 naira.
8. You will be taught how to find data-entry jobs online on the platform called Upwork and earn in dollars. Upwork has over 13,000 data entry jobs waiting for you. I will send an email in two days and show you clearly.
9. The Academy has 30+ courses. You are given 2 courses a day. Each course is about 30-minutes a day. So you only need 1 hour (or less) everyday to learn. Remember that you can choose that 1-hour to be anytime of your day.
Paying 32k for over 35 courses is like you got each course for less than 1k naira.
10. The Founder and Lead Instructor, Chioma Ifeanyi-Eze, is a woman who has earned good money from offering simple services to people. 
Like really simple things like teaching the girl who works in the block industry how to keep proper records on a book, by ruling lines and recording properly. She is the one person you need to have access to. She will teach you how to find money in very simple things that businesses need. It is what she does everyday. Every Saturday in the Academy and the last one week of the academy, you have access to ask her questions and discuss with her. Oh, you would learn a world of ideas and possibilities from her. She opens up her computer, shows you her screen, and takes you deep into realization of opportunities around you.
If you like to see the detailed Curriculum of the exciting data-entry academy, please use this link http://www.accountinghub.ng/dataentryacademy
To pay immediately and join the Academy: Pay 32,250 Naira to Accountinghub Academy, Access Bank, 0805957282 (Yes, it is an account number). Then email info@accountinghub.ng after payment.
Closing date for enrollment is 28th November 2021.

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