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Accountinghub introduces virtual accounting in Nigeria.

 We help small businesses setup accounting systems quickly, painlessly and affordably. That’s why we have specialized in cloud accounting. With cloud accounting, no Servers, no backups, no data loss, no limits. Log in from anywhere, anytime.

Here’s a list of our specialty cloud accounting systems suited for Nigerian small businesses:

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  • Built and run by Sage Pastel, South Africa
  • Serves small businesses of diverse industries including retail/trading businesses
  • Major Features: Invoicing, Inventory management, multi-currencies and reporting
  • Voted our cheapest cloud accounting solution
  • Currency may be set to the Nigerian Naira
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  • Offered by Intuit
  • Serves small businesses of various industries
  • Works well with the Intuit POS system for retail/supermart businesses requiring major inventory accounting
  • Offers advanced reporting
  • Currency may be set to the Nigerian Naira
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  • Offers to small businesses a full accounting solution with traditional features
  • Supports multi-currencies
  • Asides basic accounting tasks, can manage more complex accounting tasks like fixed assets and depreciation
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  • Designed exclusively for service-based small businesses
  • Major features include: Invoicing, Payments and Reporting
  • Currency may be set to the Nigerian Naira
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  • Built and run by Wave Accounting Inc. Canada
  • Wave offers brilliant invoicing and basic reporting
  • Suited only for non-inventory/trading businesses
  • Multi-currency support including the Nigerian Naira
  • Ability to manage personal finances of the business-owner

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