My fellow accountant, 

Good day and welcome here.

Just like you I was a regular accountant working for different companies and one day I thought to serve several businesses so that I could spread my skills among several businesses and truly make an impact.

Two key areas bothered me:

  1. Businesses had very poor records and books. The auditors, whose job it isn’t to do the books would come at year end and start doing the books. No one was proud to be called a Bookkeeper. Tons of accounting firms, but I had never heard of a bookkeeping firm.
  2. Businesses had no access to proper accounting technology, I mean accounting software, and even those that did, had to pay very expensive prices and go through the rigorous process of deployment for it.

I asked myself what I could do differently.

Can I find an affordable accounting software that I can sell to these businesses and help them automate their accounting to become more sustainable businesses?

Can I teach them to keep their books properly?

So, I opted to become a proud Bookkeeper.

In December 2015, I quit my 11 year career which had taken me through PwC, BankPHB, Jumia and several other companies. 

I founded Accountinghub in 2016. A Bookkeeping firm focused primarily on providing bookkeeping services using accounting technology tools. 

It’s been 5 years since I launched Accountinghub and yes, I have made the massive impact that I dreamt of. Some of my impact moves, got you to hear about me and Accountinghub.

Typically, it is not easy to scale accounting services. The regular thing to find, is that a small accounting firm may be serving 10 or less clients. So how did I grow Accountinghub to serve over 500 businesses and still growing?

How have I deployed accounting software for hundreds of Nigerian SMS and even out of Nigeria ?

How have I trained well over 20000 business owners in just five years?

How did I learn a ton of technology tools that I have used to transform the way that small businesses see, learn and access accounting tools and services in Nigeria?

How have I helped several accountants in the workplace improve their skills and become what I call “The Ideal Workplace Accountant”?

I know these and many more are the questions that you want to ask me, so I’m inviting you to this ‘Ask-Me-Anything-Session’ where I will be answering your questions for 3 hours straight.

Please get your questions ready, keep them simple, smart, short and easy. 

Register here now.

Because of constraints of technology, I will only be taking the first 200 people who jump in, so hurry and enroll now tell your friend who is an accountant to join in now.

  • Date is Saturday, 20th February 2021
  • Time is 7pm
  • Duration is 3 hours.
  • The session will hold online, using the Zoom app
  • It will NOT be recorded, so you must attend to listen in. 

Emails will be sent 2 days to the event, kindly keep an eye on your email (inbox and junkbox).

See you there.

I remain accountably yours,

Chioma Ifeanyi-Eze

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