Have you ever imagined a place where you could learn from other business owners who come together to share their experiences?

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you didn’t have to make the mistakes that other business owners have made? Wouldn’t it be super-amazing if you learn the tips and winning edge that others have tested and come to trust?

Yes business is hard but, we can make it easier if we could leverage each other.

Welcome to the business Club by Nelly and Chioma.

The business Club by Nelly and Chioma is a quarterly event held in Lagos and outside of Lagos locations and even outside of Nigeria.  it is a gathering of business owners who come together to share their experiences and tell their stories on a particular chosen topic.  The most interesting business topics are chosen for each quarter and discussed at the business club meeting.

We are glad to announce that the Maiden edition of the business club meeting will be held this month on Saturday, 21st of November 2020.  

 The fee is 10,000 Naira plus VAT. This Fee covers for a full-buffet lunch and drink.

 It is a 100% physical meeting and will have no online viewing, for now until we organize it in future sessions.

The topic for this First and Maiden Edition is:


The session can only take 80 people. People jump in now!

Pay and secure your seat.

The venue is a hotel located on the Island in Lagos Nigeria, with the sitting arrangement in round tables for ease of networking and discussions.

Here’s how the Club Meeting will go:

  • The main topic is broken down into subtopics.
  • Nelly and Chioma will serve as Moderators
  • Each sub-topic is mentioned and you can raise your hand to contribute to the sub-topic.
  • Each contributor must introduce himself or herself, say what his business does, make his contributor and end with a key sharing point for us all
  • After the sub-topics are exhausted, club members may ask questions and get answers from volunteering members.
  • Club members are encouraged to attend all meetings with their call cards
  • There will be a 20 minutes session called ‘Shoot your Shot’ where any 4 people, selected from the contributors for the day, can pitch for a collaboration, funding, partnership or any support, related to their business.

Agenda for the Club Meeting

  1. Introductions and Welcome
  2. The Topic for the day explained
  3. Sub-topics and contributions
  4. Shoot your shot session
  5. Q&A
  6. Lunch
  7. Pictures and closing

What happens after payment?

You get redirected into a Whatsapp group where further details (venue and others) are shared.

You become a member of The Business Club and will receive future information from us.

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