Bookkeeping Checklist

Bookkeeping is a vital activity which every business must do.

Bookkeeping refers to the activity where a business records all its transactions. These transactions include sales, receipts from customers, purchases from suppliers, payments to suppliers, expenses and several other kinds of transactions.

When bookkeeping is done manually, it only results in a list of transactions, which has very little use for the business owner.

When bookkeeping is done inside of an accounting software, it generates very useful reports which helps the business owner in decision making. These reports include the profit or loss account, the balance sheet, debtors report, inventory balances and several other reports, some of which are required by law, for every business to have.

However, most small business owners prefer to DIY (do-it-yourself) their bookkeeping.

A lot of them focus on capturing their sales, by making invoices from their accounting tool.
Invoicing is not the only activity which should be done. There are a lot more kinds of transactions which should be captured.

We created the monthly Bookkeeping-Checklist. It contains a list of 20 kinds of activities which should be performed each month, as part of the bookkeeping process.

It is a must-have Checklist for every business owner, whether you do your bookkeeping yourself or have it outsourced to an accountant.

The amazing checklist helps you tick-off and confirm that each activity has been performed.

Are you already getting excited? You can go ahead and download the Checklist here.

So, who needs this Checklist?
The business owner, the young accountant who works for an SME, the administrator who isn’t an accountant, but helps with bookkeeping at an SME.

What will the list do for me?
The list ensures that all your financial activities are 100% captured.
For example: There is a huge tendency for whoever is bookkeeping, to only capture expenses which have been paid; they tend to forget expenses which have been incurred – the Checklist helps to remind whoever is doing the bookkeeper of these kinds of ‘easy-to-forget’ transactions.

You should share this on social media with your friends. Running a small business is a lonely journey, they say, but we can help pull up our friends along this journey. Go ahead and gift it to your friends – share the link of this page with them.

We know you will find it a very helpful resource. We am happy for that took the wish decision to get here.

Happy Bookkeeping!

Get your Checklist here, too:

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