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This Course is for every business owner

How does anyone ever achieve anything meaningful without a plan?

Budgeting is planning for business. A plan made in numbers.

This is where your business finds its COMPASS, because Budgeting brings CLARITY and DIRECTION

Dear business owner, a budget is the financial roadmap of your business. It shows the direction that you have planned for things to go

Asides business, budgeting is a life skill. Every person and institution should have a budget.

  • People make personal budgets
  • Businesses make business budgets
  • Projects make project budgets
  • Governments make state budgets
  • Families make budgets
  • Associations and groups make budgets
  • Even COVID-19 raised budgets

If budgets weren’t so important, why would everyone and every institution be making budgets?


Without making a budget, it means you didn't plan for things to go well. You just want them to go in any direction that they wish.​

No, did you just get excited that making a budget would help you reduce cost, increase your revenue and even increase your profits?

Wait until you get into the Course and find many more amazing business and personal reasons why you need to learn to make budgets.

We recently conducted a research on 100 business owners, asking them what finance or accounting topic they wanted to learn post-COVID; 82% of them selected FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT. They want to learn how to manage their finances in these post-COVID times when businesses have been badly hit. 

GUESS WHAT? Budgeting is the core of financial management. So, you are steps ahead of those business owners who participated in that survey. You are here, ready to grab your budgeting course, and get equipped to properly manage your finances, post-COVID.

Yes, we know your fears.

  • You do not like maths.
  • You are afraid of numbers.
  • You have no accounting experience.
  • Accounting even confuses you.
  • Your heart sinks when numbers are talked about. 

Yes, yes, we know you.

This Course is for you. It was specially designed for Beginners with zero appreciation for maths, numbers and accounting. You are in the right place.

You do not just get this Course - You also get 4 amazing bonuses

We made it easy for you to buy - You can buy in any of 3 currencies

Here's a note for you from the Author, in her own words

“Hello, my name is Chioma Ifeanyi-Eze. I am the small business accountant that you always dreamt of. It is such a pleasure to have you here.

Let me tell you a little about me and my journey.

In 2015, I quit my 11 year-old accounting career, to launch Accountinghub – an accounting firm specially focused on connecting with SMEs using a very unique approach.

My approach was to teach and serve accounting in extremely simple ways, using story-telling and very easy to understand techniques.

I grew an amazing community of SMEs who have now come to love Accountinghub.

Over 30,000 SMEs live on our social media pages. With over 5,000 visits every week, we have built the most-exciting accounting knowledge-base that you can find globally.

I have done accounting jobs for over 500 SMEs and trained well over 10,000 SME owners.

So, I need you to relax, you are in very safe hands. I am that 13-year old Chartered Accountant who has spent a lot of time finding the best ways to connect and pass on accounting knowledge to business owners, like you, who have zero or little appreciation for numbers.

I am called the Queen of simplified accounting, because I have developed a very rare skill of making complex things seem very simple.

Yes, you should go ahead and purchase this Course. My promise to you, is that you will understand and enjoy every bit of it. Go ahead and ask around, my teachings are overly exciting and amazing. You would wonder why you haven’t met me before now.”

Remember your ‘A for Apple’ book in primary school? Remember how easy and fun it was to read? That’s exactly what you have here. All the bonuses are made in super-simple and enjoyable forms.

It gets more interesting – Every part of this had you in mind. From easy-to-read resources to easy-to-consume learning videos. 

… and here’s how much access you get.

Accountinghub is Nigeria’s most exciting forum for business owners who are seeking accounting knowledge for their businesses. She built Accountinghub. She spent several years learning to simplify accounting, just for you.

This Online Video Course has videos made specially for you. We understand that as a business owner or an administrator, you are always multi-tasking. So we kept the videos broken down into short bits; so you can pace your learning.

… and examples? Totally, totally familiar. Nothing that sounds unreal. Examples are drawn from common businesses around you.

Yes, you can buy in any of three currencies.

We’ll put up reviews once they start rolling in. We know they will.

Smashing your business goals with proper financial management, awaits you. You only need to step in.

You didn’t buy that thing because you wanted your money back. No, you bought it because you wanted value. Offering you a 30-day money back isn’t what you want. You want an exciting course on budgeting. This is exactly what we are offering you.

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