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Being here means that you truly understand what global shutdown means. The internet didn't shut down. Banking transactions and payment mechanisms didn't shut down. They only thing that shut down was our old way of doing things.
This is one bold step to learning to earn the new way. Welcome again.

The world has a ton of software for businesses and people. More software are being developed. These tools cannot work without data getting into them somehow. Yes, they say machines will do some data entry. However, for now, humans still do a lot of the data entry into these tools.

Ask anyone who built a software, the highest reason for abandonment, especially in Nigeria - it is lack of ability of business owners and managers to handle the data entry into the tool.

Can you guess why Accountinghub is Nigeria's largest reseller of the Sage cloud accounting software? The reason is not far-fetched; it is because we do not just sell the software, we do the data entry into it, for most of the businesses, that buy from us.

Data entry drives so many entry-level and even intermediate-level jobs. From the Teller at the Bank, who is entering data of deposits and withdrawals; to the lady at the DSTV office, who is entering data of account activations; to the man at the supermarket, who is entering data of your sales into the retail software; to even the electricity office, where you go to purchase power tokens.




The Course is an online video course, where Chioma Ifeanyi-Eze, the Founder of Accountinghub, teaches data-entry, as a top-skill required in times such as these. The course was first taught as a live class to 204 people. The questions from their Q&A session have been complied and answered, to help improve your learning experience.

Price is only 16,125 Naira

"Successful people are watching, learning and planning
for post-Covid-19"

Here's what the Course will cover

The Course is a beginner-level course. You need no accounting background. However, you need some above-secondary-education level, ability to use a computer and a hunger to launch a side hustle or even full hustle, with the skills learnt.

We all know several who have amazing skill, which they cannot monetize. Knowing a skill and knowing the business side of the skill, are very different things.
Here, you learn data-entry, you learn the business of data-entry.

The instructor, Chioma Ifeanyi-Eze is a brilliant accountant and entrepreneur. Chioma founded Accountinghub and has handled bookkeeping for over 500 businesses. Chioma is known to be the queen of simplified accounting. She earns very profitably from doing things, in the most simple ways.

At the end of the Course, you will be able to use no less than 8 different software, you will be able to make a list of no less than 10 businesses that need your new skill, you will be able to identify newer relevant tools and opportunities. You will ultimately be bold enough to tell a business owner about your service offering and command a pay; not just a one-off pay, but a monthly pay.

" It is always such a delight to teach people to earn from very simple everyday things. Why exactly do we spend a lifetime learning complex things?"
Chioma Ifeanyi-Eze
Founder & ceo, accountinghub
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