Batch 6 registration commences on 10th October 2022
Registration closes 28th October 2022
Classes resume 1st November 2022

The Academy for anyone who can use a computer

The Data-Entry Academy is a 30-day, 100% online school that teaches just anyone 2 major things:

  1. How to become a data entry expert (a simple skill of capturing information in a computer)
  2. How to monetize the data-entry skill by offering services to businesses 

Data entry is a high-in-demand skill that every business needs. Anyone who can learn the skill and how to monetize it, has unlocked the secrets to making money both online and offline.


Over 2500 Participants in 5 Batches

1. Introduction to Data-entry
2. 30+ expressions of data-entry jobs
3. Using cloud storage tools
4. The basics of Microsoft Excel and Google sheets
5. The basics of Microsoft Word and Google docs
6. Using electronic Forms to collect data
7. Data-entry using spreadsheets (Excel and Google Sheets)
8. Building databases of people contacts
9. Tracking sales – Invoicing with a software
10. Tracking sales – Retail businesses
11. Tracking expenses and petty-cash management
12. Basic Business Maths – Making simple business calculations
13. Creating and tracking budgets
14. Managing inventory with a software
15. Simple payroll management
16. Performing Reconciliations
17. Managing and tracking raw materials of a business
18. Managing and tracking production of a business
19. Entering data into an accounting software
20. Record your screen, record your voice training
21. Weekly/Monthly/Job Reporting
22. Converting various document types
23. The tools you need to get started with your data entry hustle
24. Billing for data entry jobs
25. Work ethics for a data-entry executive
26. Handling a data entry project
27. 20+ Strategies to market your data entry skill and build your first 5 customers
28. Performing simple online research
29. How to become a highly sought data entry expert
30. The Simple Roadmap to making 1million Naira ($2000) in 6 months from your data-entry business
31. Scaling your data entry business
1. Filing documents
2. Link shorterning
3. Scheduling and Managing meetings
4. Improving your typing speed
5. Breaking the fear – How to launch out
6. Setting up data-entry structure for businesses
  • 14 years Chartered accountant (A Fellow)
  • 10 years Chartered Tax Practitioner 
  • Trained in PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers) Nigeria
  • Ex-Head of Finance, Jumia Nigeria,
  • Consulted for over 500 SMEs
  • ICAN & several academic awards won
  • 40 year old, wife and mother of 4
  • Lover of technology
  • Brilliant entrepreneur & public speaker
  • Known as the Queen of simplified accounting
  • Best graduating student at both first degree and masters degree
  • Sold over 60,000 accounting ebooks & courses
  • Trained over 25,000 business owners on accounting
  • A Tony Elumelu Entrepreneur, selected in 2016
  • Selected also in 2022 for Tony Elumelu’s Mentorship due to her massive contributions in business
  • Awarded one of Nigeria’s leading 100 women in business in 2020
  • Sits on several committees of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria
  • Popularly known on social media as Chioma Business School, resulting from her very practical and ingenious business teachings
  • Founded Accountinghub, a bookkeeping firm, in 2016
  • Accountinghub is rated Nigeria’s leading bookkeeping firm

The Academy runs for 30 days. From 1st November 2022 to 30th November 2022.

The Academy has 30 major course topics in its curriculum.

The 30-course topics cover 5 major sub-areas:

  1. Basics you should know as a data-entry expert
  2. Learning to do data-entry tasks
  3. Using various technology tools
  4. Soft skills needed to excel in data-entry 
  5. Monetization & Entrepreneurship in data-entry

The 30 days will be divided into 4 weeks.

For the first 3 weeks, pre-recorded videos covering 2-course topics will be sent daily from Monday to Friday. Only one hour of study time is required. On Saturdays in the evening – Review for the week and Q&A will hold as a Live Zoom session.

In the last week, intense discussions and sessions about launching your own data-entry hustle will hold. There will be discussions on strategies, finding clients, handling jobs and all sorts.


Data entry academy


1. Fits for anyone who can use a computer – Absolutely anyone, who is able to use a computer, can join the Academy. Whether you work full-time, or you run a business, or you are a sit-at-home wife, you can join.
The courses are designed to be extremely flexible that anyone can join at anytime of the day. You only need to find one hour in your entire day, to take your lectures for the day.
2. Practical teaching style – The teaching style is adult-montessori. Very simple, yet super-practical.
Asides from the use of easy-to-read slides, the courses show practically how to use various software and perform various activities.
The teaching is purely ‘watch-me-do-it’ style. They are designed to go straight-to-the-point avoiding the usual fluff talk in most online courses.
3. Huge focus on monetizing – The Academy, unlike most skill-acquisition programmes focuses on showing the participants how to quickly make money from the data-entry skill.
From day one, courses covering both ‘Skill’ and ‘Monetize’ are delivered daily. Over 30-course topics that cover both the skill and the ‘monetize’ are covered.
4. An active community – This is probably the sweetest part of the Academy. With 2 Community Managers driving accountability and raising conversations that ensure you follow through, it is so difficult not to learn at the Academy.
Participants can contribute to engaging discussions that open up their minds to very practical issues.
5. A Certificate at graduation – A certificate of completion is issued to participants.

Imagine that as a data-entry expert, you approach a business owner that sells something and needs to target a lot to real-estate businesses.

You offer to give him a list of 100 real-estate businesses in Lagos.

You go on Instagram and use the hashtag #landsforsaleinlagos to build the list.

You give it to him. Using DM marketing, we sends messages to each one and closes deals worth over 2million Naira.

Will he hesitate to pay you a fee of 50k Naira?

Data entry academy


Unlike most skill-acquisition academies, participants will learn both the Data Entry Skill and the Skill of making money from data-entry.

More and more people/businesses are building software for businesses.
Businesses have software for literally anything you can think of:
  • Accounting software
  • Hotel management software
  • Library management software
  • Retail and Inventory software
  • Customer-relationship management software
  • Hospital management software
  • Car-repairs and auto-management software
  • Restaurant management software
  • Billings management software
  • Human resources management software 
  • and many, many more


If a hospital buys a hospital management software, they need you to enter the names and bio-data of all their 3000+ patients, names of over 1000+ drugs sold in their pharmacy and many more data.

If a company buys a human-resources software, they need you to create the names of all their 200+ staff and their details inside the software.

If a business buys an inventory management software, they need you to enter their list of thousands of inventory items into the software.

Apart from needing the services of a data-entry expert to help them onboard into the software, they also need the services to continue to enter data into the software.

  • It is an easy-to-learn skill that every business needs
  • Business owners are too busy to enter their business data. They need you to help.
  • More and more people are buiiding apps and technology tools. Who is going to enter data into all those? You!
  • Data-entry is the easiest way to make money online
  • It allows you work from home – great for new mums and stay-at-home mums
  • You can even work weekends if you have a regular 9 to 5 job
  • The requirement to start off is just knowing how to operate a computer
  • It is one of the world’s top ways to starting your freelancing hustle

You can get data-entry jobs on a one-off basis, or an employer can sign a contract with you to provide the service on a monthly on-going basis. 

Monthly retainer jobs almost feel like you are earning a salary, while working for yourself.

Upwork, one of the leading freelancing platforms, ranks Data-entry as the leading administrative freelancing skill. 

See the image below.


After the academy, everyone who completed their course work joins a group created for each locality.

You go ahead to help yourselves, supporting each other and providing help for each one who gets a data-entry job and needs help to do it.

  1. Will there be a Certificate? Yes, the Academy issues certificates to every participant who completes the Course and does the official sign-off
  2. Will the Academy help me find data-entry jobs? No, we are not able to manage this process. We tried it and it was too hectic. Matching people with roles is a full time job of a recruiter and we cannot take it on. We teach participants not just data entry, but the business of it. Everyone will find jobs, either online or offline.
  3. I work full-time, does this Course fit for me? Yes, it does. The 30 major course topics are pre-recorded, you can watch them anytime. The Saturday review sessions will also be recorded. The discussions in the community, you can read anytime. You never lose anything.
  4. I have no laptop, can I join the Academy? Yes, you can join the Academy, but it is best to start planning very actively to get a laptop. Without a laptop, how will you practice? Without a laptop, how will you render data-entry services for businesses? You cannot use a phone to work for anyone – no one will take you seriously.
  5. Can I pay now? Yes, you can. Several people have already paid.  Even though the classes start 1st November 2022, there is a limited number and once we hit the number, we close enrollment. The Academy is 35k (plus VAT). So, you pay 37,625 Naira to Accountinghub Academy, Access Bank, 0805957282. Then email AHUBACADEMY@GMAIL.COM  attaching your evidence of payment.
  6. I am an employer, can I enroll my staff? Yes, you can. The Data-Entry-Academy is worth far higher than giving someone 1million Naira in cash. The curriculum is so detailed that it teaches your employee to capture your sales, inventory, expenses and several other skills that will impact your business.
  7. Do I need to have accounting skills or experience to join the Academy? No, you do not. Every day, we all enter data on our phones and maybe computers, do we use an accounting skill to do it? No.
  8. Can I pay in instalments? Yes, you can. We have partnered with a company called Klump. You only need to pay an initial amount of 9750 to get into the Academy. The remaining balance is spread over 3 months for you. See more details about Klump installment payments below.
  9. When does enrollment close? Enrollment into Batch commences 10th October 2022 and closes on 28th October 2022. Classes then resume on 1st November 2022.


Batch 6 registration commences on 10th October 2022
Registration closes 28th October 2022
Classes resume 1st November 2022

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