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Batch 13 registration is on-going
Registration closes 28th July 2024
Classes resume 1st August 2024

Data-Entry Academy is a 30-day online school that teaches software and skills that you need for the office or the workplace.

From Microsoft tools, to spreadsheets, to Google tools, to making presentations, to writing proposals, to using invoicing and inventory tools, plus so much more.

It is a school that every employee and every business owner and everyone who wants to stay tech-relevant, needs to attend.

Data Entry Academy is helping to bridge the tech skills gap across Africa, by providing participants with the necessary workplace/office technology skills to become employable or to grow their businesses.

5 categories of people attend Data-Entry Academy.

  1. Freelancers and Entrepreneurs – These are people who want to earn money from Data-Entry skills. They come to the academy to learn about freelancing online with data-entry skills or working for SMEs around them
  2. Business owners – They come to the academy to learn about various technology tools and skills to automate processes and organize their business operations
  3. Fulltime employees – They come to the academy to learn office technology tools and skills so they perform better at their jobs. Their employers even enroll them
  4. Jobseekers and Young people – They come to the academy to equip themselves to be employable and relevant in the current marketplace
  5. People who generally want to upskill – These are stay-at-home mums or people who have left employment for a while or people who have computers but do not know how to use it, or just anyone who knows that you do not have modern workplace office skills and you want to upskill yourself.

Batch 13 registration is on-going
Registration closes 28th July 2024
Classes resume 1st August 2024

Only 2 simple criteria

  1. You should be able to use a computer. Being able to perform simple activities on a computer like sending emails and browsing the web, is enough
  2. You should be able to commit just one hour daily to take classes. If you miss your classes on any day, you can take it later on. Every class is recorded and kept for you

Over 10,000 Participants in 12 Batches

It is a 30-day academy that covers 40 courses and teaches you over 40 workplace software.

Here are the 40 Course-topics.

1. Introduction to Data-entry
2. 30+ expressions of data-entry skills
3. Using cloud storage tools
4. The basics of Microsoft Excel and Google sheets
5. The basics of Microsoft Word and Google docs
6. Using electronic Forms to collect data
7. Data-entry using spreadsheets (Excel and Google Sheets)
8. Building databases of people contacts
9. Tracking sales – Invoicing with a software
10. Tracking sales – Retail businesses

11. Tracking expenses and petty-cash management
12. Basic Business Maths – Making simple business calculations
13. Creating and tracking budgets
14. Managing inventory with a software
15. Simple payroll management
16. Performing Reconciliations
17. Managing and tracking raw materials of a business
18. Managing and tracking production of a business
19. Entering data into an accounting software
20. Record your screen, record your voice training

21. Weekly/Monthly/Job Reporting
22. Converting various document types
23. The tools you need to get started with your data entry hustle
24. Billing for data entry jobs
25. Work ethics for a data-entry executive
26. Handling a data entry project
27. 20+ Strategies to market your data entry skill and build your first 5 customers
28. Performing simple online research
29. How to become a highly sought data entry expert
30. The Simple Roadmap to making 1million Naira (<$1000) in 6 months from your data-entry

31. Scaling your data entry business
32. Filing documents
33. Link shortening
34. Scheduling and Managing meetings
35. Improving your typing speed
36. Breaking the fear – How to launch out
37. Setting up data-entry structure for businesses
38. Executing Copy and Paste Data-entry Jobs
39. Learn to use over 20 free tools made by Google
40. Recordkeeping for small businesses with no accountant


Over 40 different software used in the workplace will be learnt in Data Entry Academy.

You would step out of the Academy able to easily automate manual processes by deploying various software.


We continue to seek more and more ways to give a lot of value to our participants – past, present and future.
We want our participants to have great online presence that positions them to sell their skills easily, by acquiring clients and jobs.
Starting from Data-Entry Academy Batch 11 in February 2024, participants will learn
1. How to optimize their LinkedIn Profile
2. How to acquire clients on LinkedIn
3. How their content on LinkedIn can get better advantage
As always, we have found a brilliant Instructor to teach our participants about these interesting LinkedIn areas.
We remain committed to seeing our participants find job, find clients, earn big, and grow.

The Academy had its first batch resume classes on June 1st, 2021. The first batch had 955 participants.
To date (May2024), the Academy has had 12 batches of over 10,000 participants.
We had over 4000 participants in 2023.

Chioma Ifeanyi-Eze, Lead Instructor, Data Entry Academy

Chioma Ifeanyi-Eze BSc MSc MBA ACTI FCA

  • 17 years Chartered accountant (A Fellow)
  • 13 years Chartered Tax Practitioner 
  • Trained in PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers) Nigeria
  • Ex-Head of Finance, Jumia Nigeria,
  • Consulted for over 600 SMEs
  • ICAN & several academic awards won
  • 43 year old, wife and mother of 4
  • Lover of technology
  • Brilliant entrepreneur & public speaker
  • Known as the Queen of simplified accounting
  • Best graduating student at both first degree and masters degree
  • Sold over 100,000 accounting ebooks & courses
  • Trained over 100,000 business owners
  • A Tony Elumelu Entrepreneur, selected in 2016
  • Selected also in 2022 for Tony Elumelu’s Mentorship due to her massive contributions in business
  • Awarded one of Nigeria’s leading 100 women in business in 2020
  • Sits on several committees of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria
  • Popularly known on social media as Chioma Business School, resulting from her very practical and ingenious business teachings
  • Founded Accountinghub, a bookkeeping firm, in 2016
  • Accountinghub is rated Nigeria’s leading bookkeeping firm

Batch 13 registration is on-going
Registration closes 28th July 2024
Classes resume 1st August 2024

Here is the Schedule of Classes in Data Entry Academy

Mondays to Fridays
– 1 hour of classes
– 2 courses of 30 minutes each. You choose any 1 hour of your day to watch the videos
– They are pre-recorded videos inside of the Teachable platform
– Also, another 5 minutes class to learn new business software (called OBAD sessions)
– Daily review at 8pm inside Telegram group

– 2 hours of learning
– 1st hour is Discussion Topic
2nd hour is Q&A
– 8pm to 10pm Nigerian time
– Audio live session on Telegram

– 2 hours with Freelancing Coach learning how to find jobs on Upwork and Fiverr
– 8pm to 10pm Nigerian time
– Video live session on Zoom

Last 5 days before graduation
– Daily Mentoring and Discussion sessions with Lead Instructor
– 8pm to 10pm Nigerian time
– Audio live session on Telegram

You can see that Data-Entry Academy is a mix of pre-recorded and live sessions.

However, everything is recorded.
You never miss anything.

Now you know the full schedule of classes in Data-Entry Academy, it is time to enroll.


Data-Entry Academy is a school of ease. We make everything easy for you.

Afterall, learning should be enjoyable.

All the tools you need to take your classes can easily be accessed on your phone.

You need two simple tools:

1. Teachable – A learning management software where your video classes are released daily.

2. Telegram – Just like Whatsapp, is used for the community. This is where everyone is free to talk and gist. Live sessions and daily review sessions also hold in Telegram.

All other software that you will learn in the academy will be cloudbased. We just teach you to sign up and use the software.

You don’t need to buy any software.

Business owners attend Data-Entry Academy.

Employees working fulltime attend Data-Entry Academy.

Higher education students attend Data-Entry Academy.

People who seek a side hustle attend Data-Entry Academy.

Fresh grads seeking employment attend Data-Entry Academy.

Stay-at-home mums attend Data-Entry Academy

Grandmas above 50 attend Data-Entry Academy

The timing is so flexible

Everyone can fit perfectly into Data-Entry Academy.

Over 10,000 Participants in 12 Batches

data entry academy fees

There are many skill-acquisition schools, online and offline. But they only teach you the skill, not the business side of the skill.

That’s why Data-Entry Academy is different.

You not only learn data-entry as a skill, you also learn the business side of the skill.

Here are 6 business skills you will learn at Data-Entry Academy and there are so much more.

1. How to easily find clients to work for

2. How to write a simple Proposal to a prospective client

3. How to bill the client and how to win a negotiation with the client

4. How to follow a plan that makes 1 million Naira ($1700) in 6 months.

5. How to go from a newbie in data-entry to scaling your data-entry hustle

6. How to break your fears and launch out

In the world of today, everyone needs some business/entrepreneurial skills.

Any person who learns business skills learns to improve his ability to solve problems, take decisions and cause growth.

That person can apply these characteristics in many other aspects of his life.

So, whether you own a business, or you are a full-time employee, or a stay-at-home-mum, or a young graduate or whatever, you need business skills in your life to succeed.

Employees who have entrepreneurial mindsets perform excellently in the workplace.

Young graduates who have entrepreneurial mindsets perform excellently in the marketplace.

Business skills are survival skills. Everyone needs business skills.

So, when you jump into Data-Entry Academy, you get these business skills in addition to your data-entry skills.

Everyday in the Data-Entry Academy, participants learn a new software that is used in the workplace.

OBAD is a 5 minutes session where they learn a new tool that solves a problem or automates a process for small businesses.

Business Owners and Employees especially love the OBAD daily sessions.

You do NOT need these.

No Accounting skills needed
No prior Data-entry skills needed
No prior Excel skills needed

Just be able to use a computer. That’s all you need to join the Academy

data entry academy 2024 classes batches

Data- Entry Academy holds once a quarter in a year. There are 4 batches planned for the year 2024. Batch 11, 12, 13 and 14.

Enrollment for Batch 13 is currently on-going.
Batch 13 classes commence on 1st August 2024.
Enrollment will run till the deadline of 28th July 2024
You should enroll now.

Yes, we have loads of amazing testimonials from past participants. Some of them are here. Many, many more testimonials are in the preparatory Telegram group. You can join the Telegram group to read a lot more.

data entry academy testimonial 1
data entry academy testimonial 2
data entry academy testimonial 3
data entry academy testimonial 4
data entry academy testimonial 5
data entry academy testimonial 6
data entry academy testimonial 7
data entry academy testimonial 8
data entry academy testimonial 9
data entry academy testimonial 10

Keep reading.

We have more testimonials.

Our testimonials arent just about people making money.

No, our testimonials are about how the academy transforms the lives of people in many, many ways.

Keep reading!

data entry academy testimonial 11
data entry academy testimonial 12
data entry academy testimonial 13

Batch 13 registration is on-going
Registration closes 28th July 2024
Classes resume 1st August 2024

data entry academy testimonial 14

We have a lot more testimonials.

You can join the Telegram group to read more or keep reading here.

data entry academy testimonial 16
data entry academy testimonial 17
data entry academy testimonial 18
data entry academy testimonial 19
data entry academy testimonial 20
data entry academy testimonial 21

Batch 13 registration is on-going
Registration closes 28th July 2024
Classes resume 1st August 2024

data entry academy testimonial 22

We shared 23 Testimonials here. They are real stories of real people. We have more stories in the Telegram group. 

Go ahead and join now.

A certificate of attendance is awarded at the end of the 30-day academy.

Every Batch of Data-entry academy has a telegram group with all the participants.

It soon grows into an exciting and amazing family of friends pulling each other up.

Even after graduation, they form groups and do stuff together. 

Take classes on your phone, on your tab, on your computer, wherever you are. Whether at home, or during break at work, or in the bus, just enjoy the classes.

Batch 13 registration is on-going
Registration closes 28th July 2024
Classes resume 1st August 2024

All classes in Data-Entry Academy are recorded. Some are pre-recorded, some are live sessions which are also recorded. You never miss anything at the Academy. 
Participants have one full year of access to all class notes and videos and resources.

Every Sunday from 8pm to 10pm Nigerian time, a Freelancing Coach comes to teach at the academy.

He teaches those who seek to earn online using their data entry skills.

He teaches them to register, source and find good-paying online data entry jobs on Fiverr and Upwork platforms.

Many of our participants have successfully gotten jobs on these platforms. We have shared some of their testimonials.

Everyday, people are earning online (and offline) with skills learnt at Data-Entry Academy.

Some of them earn on freelancing platforms like Upwork and Fiverr.

While others earn by working for businesses in their locality.

In the last 5 days at Data-Entry Academy, there are daily mentoring sessions with the Lead Instructor.

During these sessions, participants learn vital skills needed in the marketplace.

Some of the skills that they learn about are:

Proposal writing, Mastering technology tools, Maximizing their newly acquired skills, and Making an impact in the workplace.

  1. Will there be a Certificate? Yes, the Academy issues certificates to every participant who completes the Course and does the official sign-off
  2. Will the Academy help me find data-entry jobs? No, we are not able to manage this process. We tried it and it was too hectic. Matching people with roles is a full time job of a recruiter and we cannot take it on. We teach participants not just data entry, but the business of it. Everyone will find jobs, either online or offline using the principles that we teach.
  3. I work full-time, does this Course fit for me? Yes, it does. The 40 major course topics are pre-recorded, you can watch them anytime. You have a one-year access. The Saturday review sessions will also be recorded. The discussions in the community, you can read anytime. You never lose anything.
  4. I have no laptop, can I join the Academy? Yes, you can join the Academy, but it is best to start planning very actively to get a laptop. Without a laptop, how will you practice? Without a laptop, how will you render data-entry services for businesses? You cannot use a phone to work for anyone – no one will take you seriously.
  5. Can I pay now? Yes, you can pay now. You can pay at anything. Just email us and let us know which Batch you are enrolling for. So, you pay 37,625 Naira to Accountinghub Academy, Access Bank, 0805957282. Then email AHUBACADEMY@GMAIL.COM  attaching your evidence of payment.
  6. I am an employer, can I enroll my staff? Yes, you can. The Data-Entry-Academy is worth far higher than giving someone 1million Naira in cash. The curriculum is so detailed that it teaches your employees everything the need to run a proper organized office and they will impact your business massively.
  7. Do I need to have accounting skills or experience to join the Academy? No, you do not. No excel skills needed too. We will teach you everything you need. Just be able to use a computer. 
  8. Can I pay in installments? Yes, you can. Click here to read about paying in installments.
  9. When does enrolment close? Enrolment into any batch closes on the 28th of the month before classes resume. 

Batch 13 registration is on-going
Registration closes 28th July 2024
Classes resume 1st August 2024

If you still have any questions, just join the Telegram group and ask. We love to hear from you.

In the Telegram group, you can read more testimonials, you can ask questions and you can learn much more about the Academy.

Batch 13 registration is on-going
Registration closes 28th July 2024
Classes resume 1st August 2024

Out of over 1000 applications, Data Entry Academy by Accountinghub was selected as one of the 12 startups admitted into The Mastercard Foundation Edtech Fellowship in 2024.

We are excited to be working with the teams at Mastercard Foundation and Cchub to make the Academy bigger and better.

Our refund policy for our students is here

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