A collection of Accountinghub’s loved 20 Teachings

A 158-page valuable resource, which compiles 20 teachings by Accountinghub.

You honestly would love to have this.

The topics in this Collection are:

  1. How to account for an interest-bearing loan
  2. Do you run your business from home?
  3. A list of commonly forgotten expenses
  4. 12 reasons why you should review your bank statements
  5. How to run your business if investor is family
  6. I run a small business, I keep spending the cash
  7. Understanding witholding tax in Nigeria
  8. Retail is detail
  9. Think like the tax man
  10. You keep putting money into your business
  11. How to account for your business rent properly
  12. How to bookkeep your business sales
  13. One cash report that solves it all
  14. Sales is not the only number that matters
  15. What do you know about your personal tax?
  16. Sell to family & friends, and get them to pay
  17. Peculiarities of accounting for a Nigerian business
  18. One major tax hack: How to organize your tax file
  19. Understanding the Profit or Loss account
  20. Do you own several registered businesses?

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