Bookkeeping for fashion businesses

This Course is for every fashionpreneur; whether buying and selling fashion items or making bespoke fashion pieces or making ready-to-wear fashion items.
If fashion businesses were getting a 2million Naira Grant on presentation of their books of account, would you receive the Grant?
What PROFIT did you make last month in your fashion business?
If you answered “No” to the Grant question, or “I do not know” to the question about your profit, then you need to read on.

Bookkeeping is tracking the financial activities of a business and making reports out of them.
Bookkeeping serves two main purposes.

It provides data for decision-making and stewardship.

In this class, you will learn to do the bookkeeping of your fashion business by yourself.

‘When you can do something, you are better-able to demand for it to be done well’.
You are going to DISCOVER the SIMPLE WAY to getting your bookkeeping done, using a set of free tools.
Without bookkeeping, you cannot know how well your business is doing. It is extremely difficult to improve what you do not measure.

“This Course works for you even if you are a Newbie to business and a Hater of maths and numbers.”
What then does this Course do differently from other bookkeeping courses?
It is specially for fashion businesses. It addresses issues that are very peculiar to the industry. Other bookkeeping courses are generally for all kinds of businesses.
It follows a step-by-step teaching style, so no matter how new you are to accounting and bookkeeping, you can fit in.
It does not use any boring accounting theories or technical jargons. Every word used in class will be simple everyday English.
It teaches bookkeeping using software. No manual record-keeping.
All the software that will be taught are free. No extra cost to you. Just complete the class and jump into doing your business bookkeeping.
It teaches you to create processes in your fashion business. You probably have tried several times to organize your bookkeeping, the reason you didn’t succeed was because you did not first create processes.
The Class Facilitator, Chioma Ifeanyi-Eze is an amazing teacher. Chioma teaches and entertains. Accounting seems so easy when she explains it. Everyone calls her the Queen of simplified accounting. You honestly need to have no worries about understanding the class. Be assured, it would not have a single boring minute. 3 hours in class would feel like one hour.

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