Ebook-How to categorize your business expenses in 10 minutes, without needing an accountant

Wow! We knew you would come. We are so excited that you did.

Every business needs to put its expenses into major categories. This ebook is a very useful guide. It provides 40 categories for businesses. It is 10 pages of exciting images, alongside learning about expense categories.

Bookkeeping is about recording and categorizing your business transactions.

The ‘recording’ part is pretty easy and straightforward.

However, the ‘categorizing’ part is always the problem.

In this free ebook, you not only get to learn how to categorize expenses, but you also get a Resource for you and your team to use while doing bookkeeping for the business expenses.

You are about to get a very useful tool for your everyday work life.

This is clearly not one of those free resources that you download, flip through, dump it, and move on.

This is the one that you download, study it in 5 minutes, love the illustrations, enjoy the easy flow and then email it to your team, or save it on your desktop, for continuous reference.

Go online and run a search – No one offers you a list of carefully put together 40 expense-categories.

You can find a list of 10, or slightly more, but nothing as comprehensive.

Guess what? Do you know that if you can track your business expenses, you are halfway through tracking your profits?

Why so?

The answer is a very simple formula: PROFIT = SALES – EXPENSES

If you know your expenses and you simply subtract it from Sales, you arrive at your Profit.

So, go ahead and grab this simple, exciting masterpiece that is called an ebook.

Use it every day to categorize your business expenses.

It might be best you print it out.

Take it!

You are about to start the journey to joining the less than 10% of business owners who know their profits.

We are so happy for you.

Download now! This Offer isn’t forever.

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