The ABC of Bookkeeping for Cake-Making & Baking Businesses

abc of bookkeeping for cake-makers & bakers

39-pages of awesomeness

  • How to use a free accounting software to do your bookkeeping for a cake-making & baking business
  • Includes screenshots with arrows labelled on areas you should pay attention to
  • Bookkeeping for cake-making and baking businesses, broken down into an 8 step step-by-step process
  • Learn to produce the Profit or Loss account by yourself
  • Includes also an exciting tip, which teaches you to handle and track your tiny and several cash expenses
  • A list of 20 common problems why your bookkeeping is a mess
  • 20 Solutions to the 20 problems
  • BONUS: 8 amazing strategies to grow your cake-making business
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