This class is for every fashionpreneur; whether buying and selling fashion items or making bespoke fashion pieces or making ready-to-wear fashion items.

If fashion businesses were getting a 2million Naira Grant on presentation of their books of account, would you receive the Grant?

What PROFIT did you make last month in your fashion business?

If you answered “No” to the Grant question, or “I do not know” to the question about your profit, then you need to read on.

Bookkeeping is tracking the financial activities of a business and making reports out of them.

Bookkeeping serves two main purposes. 

It provides data for decision-making and stewardship.

In this class, you will learn to do the bookkeeping of your fashion business by yourself.

'When you can do something, you are better-able to demand for it to be done well'


You are going to DISCOVER the SIMPLE WAY to getting your bookkeeping done, using a set of free tools.

Without bookkeeping, you cannot know how well your business is doing. It is extremely difficult to improve what you do not measure.

She made this Course for you

A business without bookkeeping is like sending a child to school without any exams or results.

"This Course works for you even if you are a Newbie to business and a Hater of maths and numbers."


What then does this Course do differently from other bookkeeping courses?

  • It is specially for fashion businesses. It addresses issues that are very peculiar to the industry. Other bookkeeping courses are generally for all kinds of businesses.
  • It follows a step-by-step teaching style, so no matter how new you are to accounting and bookkeeping, you can fit in.
  • It does not use any boring accounting theories or technical jargons. Every word used in class will be simple everyday English.
  • It teaches bookkeeping using software. No manual record-keeping. 
  • All the software that will be taught are free. No extra cost to you. Just complete the class and jump into doing your business bookkeeping.
  • It teaches you to create processes in your fashion business. You probably have tried several times to organize your bookkeeping, the reason you didn’t succeed was because you did not first create processes. 

Here's a note for you from the Course Creator, in her own words

“Hello, my name is Chioma Ifeanyi-Eze. I am the small business accountant that you always dreamt of. It is such a pleasure to have you here.

Let me tell you a little about me and my journey.

In 2015, I quit my 11 year-old accounting career, to launch Accountinghub – an accounting firm specially focused on connecting with SMEs using a very unique approach.

My approach was to teach and serve accounting in extremely simple ways, using story-telling and very easy to understand techniques.

I grew an amazing community of SMEs who have now come to love Accountinghub.

Over 30,000 SMEs live on our social media pages. With over 5,000 visits every week, we have built the most-exciting accounting knowledge-base that you can find globally.

I have done accounting jobs for over 500 SMEs and trained well over 5000 SME owners.

So, I need you to relax, you are in very safe hands. I am that 13-year old Chartered Accountant who has spent a lot of time finding the best ways to connect and pass on accounting knowledge to business owners, like you, who have zero or little appreciation for numbers.

I am called the Queen of simplified accounting, because I have developed a very rare skill of making complex things seem very simple.

Yes, you should go ahead and sign up for this class. My promise to you, is that you will understand and enjoy every bit of it. Go ahead and ask around, my class is overly exciting and amazing. You would wonder why you haven’t attended any earlier than now.”

Review 1 - A professional who stopped practising over 20 years ago says the class was excellent. 3 hours went by without a boring second

Review 2 - 24 pages notes from a 3-hour exciting class

Review 3 - The teaching style is exceptional; 3 hours and never got tired


"I am coming to class with one main job - To teach you to do your bookkeeping in just 3 hours, without needing an accountant".

The Class Outline

This Course is organized into 13 simple Modules. Each Module is very easy to complete and only takes a few minutes. At the end of each Module, a Recap is done to summarize the Module.

The delivery style of this Course

The Class Facilitator, Chioma Ifeanyi-Eze is an amazing teacher. Chioma teaches and entertains. Accounting seems so easy when she explains it. Everyone calls her the Queen of simplified accounting. You honestly need to have no worries about understanding the class. Be assured, it would not have a single boring minute. 3 hours in class would feel like one hour.

"This is bookkeeping taught from scratch. No prior experience is necessary. The teaching style is a beautiful blend of Education and Entertainment (Edu-tain-ment). You will wonder why you weren't taught like this in school".

Review 4 - She will recommend the Course to other SMEs

Review 5 - She had attended several pricing Courses, but learnt nothing

Review 6 - She is a Phenomenal Teacher

What happens when I purchase this Class?

You will receive your Receipt of payment. Few days before the class, you will receive an email containing the access details to the class. If you do not receive a Receipt of payment (ensure to check both inbox and junkbox), you might have used a wrong email. You should reach out to us on

Review 7 - It was the best webinar she ever attended

Review 8 - She hates maths, but agrees the course was simplified

Review 9 - Easiest accounting class ever attended

Review 10 - She sent in a picture of herself enjoying the class and making so much notes

Review 11- Had zero accounting knowledge before the class

Review 12 - Works very hard, but cannot explain where the money goes at monthend. The class was an answer to her prayers


At the end of this Course, you will be able to...

  • Do your bookkeeping using free software; starting from the data entry to producing a simple Profit or Loss account.
  • Manage inventory of clothes, or accessories, or shoes, or whatever fashion items that you sell.
  • Manage inventory of fabrics and sewing materials, for fashion businesses that handle production.
  • Calculate the cost-of-producing a garment or other fashion pieces.
  • Get your team (even if not so educated) to understand and follow accounting processes.
  • Manage tailors, beaders, weavers and other labour costs.
  • Manage all the cash that comes in and out of the business everyday. It typically seems all so confusing.
  • Manage suppliers of items that you sell or fabrics or other accessories.
  • Manage overheads and expenses.
  • Position yourself to apply for entrepreneurship and funding opportunities
  • Have more confidence about your business, because you understand your numbers.

Review 13 - Simple, yet detailed teaching style

Review 14 - The Instructor out did herself. Ordered an ebook written by the Instructor

Have you heard of Accountinghub?

Accountinghub is Nigeria’s leading Bookkeeping firm. It is well-known across Nigeria because it births accounting in a very special way. At the top of our focus at Accountinghub, is helping small business owners to access accounting knowledge and services, in very relatable ways. So, we teach accounting using simple online courses or live classes, we tell accounting stories, we sing accounting, we dance accounting, we keep it easy and breezy. We have automated the accounting systems of over 400 businesses and trained well over 5000 businesses. 


Review 15 - It takes a lot of self-development to simplify a complex topic

Review 16 - Class was IFIE -Interesting, Fun, Informative & Educative


You should read these FAQs

It holds on Saturday, 25th June 2020, by 8pm. It is a 3-hour class.

It will be an online live class holding via the Zoom app. It will be interactive as you can see the Instructor and ask questions.

Yes, it will. You will have a full year access to the recording. 

However, after the class, we require 4 days to download and upload the recording into our online school portal. Kindly do not put any pressures on us before then. We have promised, we will deliver it in 4 days.

If you run any form of fashion business, it is for you. It is a beginner-level class, you need no prior experience with numbers or accounting.

Yes, you can. The bank details are included when you try to pay. Please make sure that you do these 3 things if you are paying by transfer: First, complete your Order so we can see it at the backend. Second, after payment, send an email to with your payment details. Thirdly, give us 24 hours to complete your Order. Please do not start putting pressure and commenting publicly on social media. Bank transfers require time to confirm, reconcile and complete the Order. Kindly try to understand.

You lose nothing. You can still watch the recording which will be made available 4 days later and will be accessible for one full year.

You have a 1000 Naira discount coupon in your mail box. You can use it to discount your Course fee from 10k to 9k.

Please remember to check both inbox and junk box for it.

Review 17 - I am also an accountant, but you are the pro SME accountant

Review 18 - Never knew an accounting class could be so interesting

Review 19 - One of her best achievements in 2020


Review 20 - She had a Template from a Business School MSc, but the class still brought her so much clarity

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