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It is such a brilliant decision that you took to be here, to learn about the recent changes to the Nigerian Tax laws, especially as it affects your business

Late last year, 2019, we started to hear about the Finance Bill - a document which was to bring several changes to our tax laws in Nigeria. In 2020, it got passed into law and it became the Finance Act of 2019

Most business owners have not had any formal education about the Finance Act. They just pick up snippets, here and there; and only know about the very common changes.

The most common changes are the VAT rate moved from 5% to 7.5% and exclusion of small businesses from paying VAT and Company Income Tax.

But there's so much more that a business owner needs to know - tax penalties got worse, more items became VAT-exempt, tax holidays were introduced and even dormant companies have expectations to be met.


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They say, "the burden of proof is that of the tax-payer." But, how does a tax-payer prove anything if he has no knowledge of it?

This online course is for every Nigerian business owner and it teaches

Online video course, taught by Chioma Ifeanyi-Eze, the Queen of simplified accounting for Nigerian business owners

Only 4,264 naira or even lower

So, what do I get?

60 days access, to a 1-hour online video course, that you can watch severally, and learn at your own pace. There’s even an option to upgrade to lifetime access.


The online instructor, Chioma Ifeanyi-Eze is a brilliant accountant and entrepreneur. Chioma founded Accountinghub and has handled accounting and taxes for over 500 businesses.

So, how much time do you have left?

" ... oh that some day, the farmer in far-away Katsina state, will access my online courses and learn how to price his harvest properly."
Chioma Ifeanyi-Eze
Founder & ceo, accountinghub
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