This is an online Course, that teaches just anyone who runs a business in Nigeria, how to calculate ALL the taxes that impact his business, in only 60 minutes, without needing an accountant.

You shouldn't run a business, without tax knowledge - you would get into trouble.

Nigerian business owners say that they do not have adequate access to tax education. They say if they knew exactly what to do and how to do it – they would. Over 40% of them, claim that they are willing to comply with taxes, if they had adequate tax education.

Sadly, while the business owner complains of poor tax education, the law believes that ignorance is not an excuse. If you do not pay your taxes, you bear the consequences of the penalty.

It is the duty of the Nigerian business owner to go in search of tax knowledge; for no one will excuse your ignorance.

The Penalties for non-tax compliance have gotten worse in recent times. From shutting down of the office premises to freezing bank accounts; defaulting businesses have suffered for their lack of tax compliance.

This is your opportunity to learn about taxes and how they are calculated; then say goodbye to ignorance and penalties.

Most of the taxes that impact businesses in Nigeria are paid on a monthly basis. You need to learn to do the calculations yourself.

Even if you seek to outsource the service, you atleast need to have an idea about what you are outsourcing. Afteral, you cannot demand a good service, from what you do not understand.

  • Learn to calculate your monthly VAT (Value Added Tax)
  • Learn to calculate monthly employee taxes – PAYE
  • Learn to calculate Witholding tax
  • Learn to calculate your Personal tax as a business owner

This is the most comprehensive online course that teaches just anyone to calculate tax in Nigeria

It is a 'watch-me-do-it' Course - you get to see 10 examples of tax calculations done from scratch.'

This is not a case of 'Why is exam always tougher than the class work?'
The examples cover all real-life scenarios.

One full year access - enough time for you to watch and rewatch the videos, and learn and relearn the calculations.

The exact method that even chartered accountants, use in calculating taxes.


Who is this Course for?

  • Everyone who runs a business in Nigeria, as the owner or a manager
  • Every Nigerian business owner, even if you are just starting out, or have been in business for years
  •  Whether your business is very rare and unusual, product or service-based
  •  Whether you are great with numbers or not
  •  Whether you have some appreciation of basic taxes or not
  •  All you need is elementary number and math skills which you are already using in your everyday life and a huge love for your business

At the end of this Course, you will be able to:

  • Calculate all the comon monthly taxes required of your business
  •  Know what data you require to calculate taxes
  •  Understand various scenarios that may occur and how to calculate tax in those scenarios
  •  Manage properly, anyone who helps you calculate your taxes, since you are now knowledgeable

Take a peep into the Course, watch the video for Example 1

Did you enjoy Example 1? Now imagine that you have 9 more examples, covering the various taxes.

  • Same exciting video.
  • Same relatable business examples.
  • Same calculate-from-scratch
  • Same lively and very audible voice

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