How to turn the data-entry skill into money

data entry skill

Maybe you have been wondering how the data-entry skill will become money for you.
Wonder no more, this 11 minutes video explains it.

This video is from one of the courses in the academy.
It is also a good way for you to have a feel of what the data-entry academy looks like.

Here are a few things you would notice:
1. My voice is crystal clear and very audible
2. I am not a boring online teacher; even listening to me is enjoyable
3. My slides are super simple to understand and follow
4. The teaching style is also very simple and relatable
5. The Academy is very practical and focused on teaching you to make money
6. There is no talk-talk without learning anything. Within every 5 minutes, you must have learnt something new.

Now imagine that you have access to 30+ of these courses in the Academy.

One hour or less every day, you get to learn 2 topics.

A course takes a maximum of 30 minutes and you will get 2 courses every day in the Academy.

It means you only need a maximum of 1 hour every day to take your course, make notes and learn for the day.

You can watch the videos on your phone and on your computer.

You have access to the videos for one full year.

Go ahead and watch this sample video. It goes away soon. Only enrolled participants of the Academy should have the videos.

The doors to enter our Data-entry academy are still open.

To pay immediately and join the Academy: Pay 32,250 Naira to Accountinghub Academy, Access Bank, 0805957282 (Yes, it is an account number). Then email after payment.

You can pay in two installments. Pay 20000 Naira now, in the first installment and the balance before the academy, resumes on 1st December 2021.

Paying the first installment is a great way to ‘book your slot’, as the academy is filling up real fast.

I cannot wait to see you at the Academy.

I am accountably yours.
Chioma Ifeanyi-Eze (Founder, Accountinghub)

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