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Data-Entry Academy is a 30-day online school that teaches over 40 software and skills that you need for the office or the workplace.

From Microsoft tools, to spreadsheets, to Google tools, to making presentations, to writing proposals, to using invoicing and inventory tools, plus so much more.

It is a school that every employee and every business owner and everyone who wants to stay tech-relevant, needs to attend.

Data Entry Academy is helping to bridge the tech skills gap across Africa, by providing participants with the necessary workplace/office technology skills to become employable or to grow their businesses.


5 categories of people attend Data-Entry Academy.

  1. Freelancers and Entrepreneurs – These are people who want to earn money from Data-Entry skills. They come to the academy to learn about freelancing online with data-entry skills or working for SMEs around them
  2. Business owners – They come to the academy to learn about various technology tools and skills to automate processes and organize their business operations
  3. Fulltime employees – They come to the academy to learn office technology tools and skills so they perform better at their jobs. Their employers even enroll them
  4. Jobseekers and Young people – They come to the academy to equip themselves to be employable and relevant in the current marketplace
  5. People who generally want to upskill – These are stay-at-home mums or people who have left employment for a while or people who have computers but do not know how to use it, or just anyone who knows that you do not have modern workplace office skills and you want to upskill yourself.
A certificate is issued upon graduation.
Since its inception in June 2021, over 8500 Participants have graduated in 10 batches.
The Academy fee is 37,625 Naira
You can even pay in 3 installments.
No, you do not need any accounting background to join the academy.
Absolutely anyone who can use a computer can join.
There are 4 Batches available for you to enroll this 2024.
Just submit your name and email, and we will notify you when the Academy starts enrolling.
Remember, data-entry is a leading freelancing skill and you really should have it.
The Academy is a must-attend.
Chioma Ifeanyi-Eze, Lead Instructor, Data Entry Academy
data entry academy waitlist
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data entry academy waitlist
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