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The Data Entry Academy is a 30-day online school.
It is a life-transforming school that teaches you many software that businesses use and how to capture data into these software for various purposes.
 This is what data-entry means. It means entering data (information) into a computer.
Data-entry academy is a school for anyone who can use a computer and is willing to learn.
4 categories of people attend the academy:
1. People who want to learn data-entry so they can work as freelancers and earn from it
2. Those who have a full-time job and want to get better at their job because they will learn to use common work software and tools
3. Those who own a business and want to get better at running the backend operations.
4. People who have a computer, they only watch movies and read emails on it. They do not know how to optimally use a computer for work and business. They want to learn the common work/business tools so they can do any of 1 to 3 above.
The Academy teaches data-entry skills using more than 10 different software including Excel.
A certificate is issued upon graduation.
Since its inception in June 2021, over 3000 Participants have graduated in 6 batches.
The Academy fee is 37,625 Naira or $80.
You can even pay in 4 installments.
No, you do not need any accounting background to join the academy.
Absolutely anyone who can use a computer can join.
Batch 7 opens for enrollment on 10th January 2023.
Just submit your name and email, and we will notify you when the Academy starts enrolling.
Remember, data-entry is a leading freelancing skill and you really should have it.
The Academy is a must-attend.
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data entry academy waitlist
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