Dear Business Onwer, 

is missing inventory 

hurting your business?

This Online Course consists of two volumes of 30-minutes each-videos which takes you through a very simple step-by-step approach, to learning stocktaking.

It is course number 5 in a series of short online accounting courses.

Every product-based business MUST hold inventory stocktakes, at defined time intervals.
Business owners quickly assume that since everyone can count, a stocktake is a simple and natural activity.
They soon find out that this is not true. They count for several days, end up with no-meaningful-reports, and finally, abandon the process.
The truth is – the process of stocktaking should be learnt.

This Course breaks down the entire stocktaking activity into 3 parts: Before, During and After.
It then teaches step-by-step, the activities to undertake in each part.

Who is this Course for?

1. The business owner who holds inventory and needs to manage his inventory
2. The young person who wants to learn stocktaking and take it up as a service offering to small businesses
3. The accountant who needs to handle stocktaking events for his clients
4. The employee who works for a business and has been asked to do a stocktake, and doesnt know where to start

What topics will be covered?

Course Instructor - Chioma Ifeanyi-Eze

Chioma Ifeanyi-Eze is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN).

She founded Accountinghub, a firm which handles bookkeeping and other accounting services for over 500 businesses across Nigeria.

Chioma is a small business accounting expert, who has handled 89 stocktake events, and paid in millions, for several of them.  She is the best person to learn from. She has an amazing skill of simplifying the most complex things.

How do I buy the Course?

Two simple ways:

1. Pay by card using the button. 


2. Pay by bank transfer to Accountinghub Academy, Access Bank, Account number 0805957282. Then send your evidence of payment and name, as an email to



No, we aren’t holding back any information for a more pricey course. The course is cheap because our model is to make a series of short exciting accounting courses.

Where can I find your other courses?

Our series of exciting short accounting online courses are sold across several platforms. Just send us an email to to guide you.

How much access do i have?

Lifetime access. You can watch and watch severally


Yes, you can. Use the bank transfer option. Pay for as many friends as possible and send their names and emails.

" I will continue to change the ways that small business owners, access professional accounting in Nigeria "
Chioma Ifeanyi-Eze
Founder & ceo, accountinghub
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