A Payslip is a document issued to an employee, by the employer, which explains the salary paid to him in a bit more detail.

It shows the employee’s allowances, the deductions made, the contributions made by the employer and the net-pay paid to the employee.

From the moment you hire an employee, you should issue payslips monthly to that employee.

It is one of the usual features of a Payroll software. But hey, small businesses can rarely afford to buy payroll software.

Small businesses want to be compliant, but they also need to be able to afford it. So, you need a blend of compliance and affordability.

This is exactly what you need.

Here are the top 4 reasons why you need to issue payslips to employees:

  1. To protect the employer: You don’t want an employee thinking you just deducted random monies from his pay, without explaining anything.
  2. To protect the employee: Payslip serves are proof of earnings, used in negotiations that grow the employee’s career
  3. Some external parties like Embassies, foreign schools and other agencies request for payslips. You don’t want your employees missing out on good opportunities.
  4. It is honestly, the ideal and proper thing to do. If you claim you want to run a proper, well-structured business, then issue payslips to employees.
  • The Course is super-easy to understand.
  • 20 minutes only.
  • 7 videos.
  • Offers a free employment letter template.
  • Uses a Nigerian business as an example; so the class is very relatable.

This Course is a complete game-changer for every accountant, HR expert, or Consultant.

Whether you serve clients, or you work full-time – this is answered prayers for you.

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