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Accountinghub Academy is an online academy focused on teaching small business owners and young accountants, about accounting and taxes, using a most-simple delivery method.

  • Accounting and Tax-related online video courses
  • Comes in a series, we will keep adding-on more and more topics
  • Relatable courses: The Courses aren’t topics taught in a classroom, they are practical issues which affect the small Nigerian business owner
  • Simple delivery: Taught in a such very simple method, that anyone can understand
  • Short and straight-to-the-point. Each course lasts about 30 minutes or less.
  • Taught by the CEO: Chioma, our Founder and CEO is a brilliant accountant who has worked for over 300 small businesses. What better instructor, than a small business expert
  • Very Nigerian-adapted
  • Affordable pricing: Each courses sells for 4,367 naira. Some courses can be taken for free
  • Recap section at the end of each Course
  • Simple quizzes at the end too. You can try take the quizzes to be sure you understood the Course
  • Life access: When you buy a Course, you have access to it for life. You can re-watch it, as many times as you please.

We assure that you would 100% enjoy the Courses; so we gave a money back guarantee, on each Course, you do not learn or enjoy.

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