Our Core 5

Launched in January 2016, Accountinghub is Nigeria’s No. 1 small business accountant.

We offer five core services to small businesses.

Our bookkeeping service entails taking records of your sales, purchases, expenses, loans and other financial activities of your business; and inputting the into the Sage cloud accounting tool.

Then, generating several reports from Sage.

The reports include: Profit or Loss account, Balance Sheet, Cashflow statement, Debtors List, Inventory list, and over 40 other reports.

Sign up with us to handle your bookkeeping every month.

If you have a backlog of data from past years, we can bookkeep them too.

Our tax & payroll service helps your small business get on a 100% compliance level.

We help you compute, remit and file your monthly and annual taxes.

We keep a beautiful tax file for you which contains all your Receipts and evidence of filings.

We keep the tax man happy with you!

Outsource your monthly tax handling for a monthly fee.

If you have backlog of taxes unpaid, we can help clean them up too.

We are Nigeria’s biggest reseller of the Sage cloud accounting tool. 

We have successfully deployed this tool for over 250 businesses.

Setting your business up on the Sage tool takes just 24 hours.

What’s more interesting? We can teach you to use the tool, by sending you a video, made specially for your business.

We wouldn’t want you to have any struggles using the tool, we even help input your backlog of transactions, into the tool.

Our process service helps organise your accounting activities, so that bookkeeping is easier and the business is protected against losses of any kind.

We come in, understand your business, and design processes which fit into the way you work.

We draw flow-charts and design, work flows.

We automate all your accounting activities, using simple tools.

We do not just build the processes, we teach your team to apply them while they work.

Businesses which hold inventory constantly need to know what stock they have.

Inventory losses due to theft or other reasons, can completely wipe away the profit of a business.

We help businesses to count and take stock of every inventory item that they have.

We even create codes and tag them on your inventory items.

We can also come in every month, or every quarter, or every year, to re-count your inventory and report any losses.

Our stocktaking service is so exciting, we offer realtime reporting – as we work, the business owner sees the results.

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