Payment and Refund Policy

Isn’t it wonderful when communication around money is crystal clear? We think so too! Read on to learn everything you need to know about our billing and payment policies.
Sign on the dotted line
Prior to starting your accounting project, we must receive a signed engagement letter and non-disclosure agreement. Your engagement letter will detail the exact services we will be providing, your agreed one-off or monthly retainership fees, and other important information.


For all Projects, you will be asked for a deposit which will be held on account until your project is completed or services are terminated.
The payment is due in two installments. A 50% deposit of the agreed fee is due when the project begins, and the final payment is due immediately upon completion.
Fees relating to subscriptions, tax remittances or other such collections on behalf of another party are fully payable at start of the Project.

Cost Tracking & Invoicing

You are only charged based on agreed fees or other refundable cost incurred on your behalf. We do not charge based on time spent. However, where a Project takes unreasonably longer time to complete due to your delays, we may be forced to agree an extra charge fee.
You will be informed of any refundable expenses before they are incurred. Your consent will be obtained either orally or written before such monies are expended.
Invoices will be sent at start and completion of your Project. Monthly invoices will be sent for monthly retainership agreements. Invoices will be tax-compliant as you will be required to pay the 5% VAT on all invoices.

Payments and Refunds

All Payments will be made via bank transfers. Our bank details will be contained in the Invoice sent to you for each Project.
We operate a 30-day refund policy on cancellations and dissatisfactions. We value your relationship, we will be very sorry to see you go for any reason. If we can do anything to make it better, please let us know.

To get the 30-day money back guarantee for your paid accounting services, please email us on [email protected] . We cannot refund you until the email request is sent.

Please note that our 30 day money back guarantee does not cover refunds on software subscriptions, tax remittances, administrative fees, bank charges, installation fees for software and refundable expenses.

Cancellation Policies & Termination of Services

Monthly Bookkeeping Services have a 30 day termination policy which must be submitted to us in writing or email. If the termination is received with less than 30 days, you are responsible for paying your next monthly retainer fee. For example if you cancel services on the 15th of the month, you will be responsible for the following month’s minimum monthly retainer.
All invoices must be paid in full prior to the release of any Sage files or digital documents.