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While the whole world is agog with talks about Covid-19 and more recently, 5G, we all still know that those will pass away; and normalcy will return. When normalcy returns, the ones who have marketable skills, will exchange it for a decent pay.

You most likely have clicked and arrived on this page because you are either an accountant or a HR professional or on your way to becoming either. It was a brilliant decision that you made. This is the most suited and comprehensive payroll training you would find in a very long time.

The ideal workplace accountant or HR-employee, must have very good payroll knowledge to survive the demands of the workplace and scale the career ladder.

The accountant or HR-professional who needs to launch a professional-services business, also needs the payroll skill.

The fastest way for a professional to monetize his skills is to quickly pick a niche and become 'the expert'. Just as lawyers have various specializations (property lawyers, family lawyers, commercial lawyers, etc.), so also do accountants and HR-professionals. They never try to do it all. They choose a niche and become the expert in that area.

Have you ever imagined starting out an accounting or HR-firm that handles payroll-related matters; growing your client base, even virtually, with all the necessary tools and skills? Or imagined working at a company and having the requisite skills to demand a promotion and increased pay?

This Course is a brilliant blend of it all - The Operations side of Payroll management, the Business side of Payroll management, all coming together to make you, THE EXPERT.

The price of 16,125 Naira, you can still get in now

payroll training in nigeria


The Course is a live-class taught by Chioma Ifeanyi-Eze, the Founder of Accountinghub. There will be two sessions. Both sessions will be taught online using the Zoom App. The sessions hold on Friday and Saturday 17th and 18th April 2020; from 7pm to 10pm on both days. There will be an extensive Q&A session to help improve your learning experience.

"When foreigners seek to enter Nigeria to launch a company and run business, after the lawyers, payroll experts are the next-most-sought."

Here's what the Course will cover


  • Payroll calculator
  • Payroll Template
  • Video on 9-step process to calculating employee taxes
  • Short video on grossing up
  • Monthly payroll preparation checklist
  • Sample of Proposal to your prospective clients

The Course is a beginner-level course. Every accountant or HR-professional, experienced or not, is able to follow along.

We all know several people who have amazing skill, which they cannot monetize. Knowing a skill and knowing the business side of the skill, are very different things.
Here, you learn payroll management, you also learn the business of payroll management.

The instructor, Chioma Ifeanyi-Eze is a brilliant accountant and entrepreneur. Chioma founded Accountinghub, a bookkeeping and allied-accounting services firm. Chioma is known to be the queen of simplified accounting. She earns very profitably from doing things, in the most simple ways. Chioma is an expert on payroll matters and offers payroll-related services alongside the bookkeeping service, to over 200 businesses.

The Course can be watched on any device, including mobile.
The classes will be recorded and replay sessions loaded into our online school for Participants to rewatch and learn at their own pace.

payroll course

At the end of the Course, you will be make professional-looking payslips, build a payroll template from scratch, make payroll and tax computations, confidently navigate the numeric parts of payroll, have good knowledge of payroll regulations and understand how to earn no less than N300k monthly, from a payroll-business.

payroll course
" It is always such a delight to teach people to earn from very simple everyday things. Why exactly do we spend a lifetime learning complex things?"
Chioma Ifeanyi-Eze
Founder & ceo, accountinghub
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