Payroll refers to all the activities related to administering the salaries and other benefits of employees.

However, as a business owner, you just don’t hire an employee, agree to a salary, and just pay him every month. It isn’t that straight-forward.

There are several statutory requirements as regards payroll matters. The law has several expectations of you as a business owner.

As a small business owner, you may not know all of these requirements. Moreso, they involve laws, formulas and calculations that are somewhat confusing, even for an accountant.

As a Nigerian business owner, this is your dream:

  • Breakdown the payroll laws for me in simple English
  • Give me a simple plug-and-play template
  • Summarize everything I need to know in a page or two
  • Don’t let me get into any ‘wahala’ with the taxman about payroll matters

Your dream is exactly what the PAYROLL TOOLKIT is about.

The perfect bundle that prepares the Payroll, summarizes the payroll laws you should know, offers best practises, calculates the payroll taxes and makes you become a PAYROLL GENIUS IN A VERY SHORT TIME.

Every Nigerian business owner deserves a Plug-and-Play Payroll Toolkit that allows you to enter only the simple data you know while it does all the calculations. This is it!

Asides from calculations, you need some basic payroll knowledge to guide you through hiring and managing your employees, as a business owner. This is it!

You honestly do not have all the time to run a business and also spend hours researching or struggling to figure things out.

As a small business owner, you are your own HR, Accountant, and several things. You need all the tools to ease your work and run your back-office functions smoothly. This is it!

  • 16 years Chartered accountant
  • 11 years Chartered Tax Practitioner 
  • Payroll Expert
  • Trained in PwC Nigeria
  • Ex-Head of Finance, Jumia Nigeria,
  • Consulted for over 500 SMEs
  • ICAN & several academic awards won
  • 40 year old, wife and mother of 4
  • Lover of technology
  • Brilliant entrepreneur & public speaker
  • Known as the Queen of simplified accounting
  • Best graduating student at both first degree and masters degree
  • Sold over 30,000 accounting ebooks & courses
  • Trained over 25,000 business owners on accounting
  • Founded Accountinghub, a bookkeeping firm, in 2016
  • Accountinghub is rated Nigeria’s leading bookkeeping firm

A Powerful spreadsheet that equals any payroll software.
It calculates taxes, pensions, and other deductions. It even prorates the salary based on start or exit dates. It also handles days off, bonuses, commissions, or other employee matters.
Super easy to use. Only 10 minutes setup time.

It comes in two variants – the Simple version with only PAYE calculation and the more complex version with Pensions, NHF and also pay-elements breakdown. Pay elements include basic, housing, transport, utility and other employee allowances. 

A Spreadsheet with 3 amazing uses:

First, enter any monthly salary, hit enter and watch the tax and pensions calculate in split-seconds.

Second, it helps to gross-up employee salaries when an employee demands a pay that is net of all deductions.

Third, it shows you instantly the total amount an employee would cost your business. Never think an employee only costs you the monthly salary.

 It is a brilliant tool that you can should use during negotiation, while hiring a new employee.

Learn 25 tips and tricks you should know about managing payroll for your business.

This is a 19-page ebook, written in bold font for easy and enjoyable reading.

Only 10 minutes of reading time.

Tax isn’t the only deduction you should make from an employee’s salary.

Learn all the deductions you need to make in payroll.

Understand Pensions, PAYE, NHF, ITF, and NSITF, including how they are calculated and paid.

This is a 15-page ebook, also written in easy bold font, and requires only 10-minutes of reading time.

Why would you purchase a Template and struggle to use it?

You also get the How-to-Use video on the Payroll Template.

Another short video teaching you to use the 1-minute payroll calculator.

A two-pager document listing out the 20 most common salaries of small business employees and the associated tax for each.

It oftens two scenarios:

Employee bears his tax or Employer chooses to bear the tax.

So imagine an employee who earns 100k monthly. The employee can bear his tax of 6,500 and take home 93,500. On the other hand, the employer can decide to offer a gross salary of 107,386 – pay tax of 7,386 for the employee and pay a round figure net salary of 100k to the employee.

Wow! Super-exciting cheat-sheet. You would save it on your phone and desktop and use it so often and feel like a payroll genius.


This is exactly what you get when you purchase  – One zipped folder that contains all the resources.

No complicated multi-downloads. Just one simple download and unzip the folder.

Do you like to hear more?

Here are 10 reasons why this is the perfect Payroll solution you always wished for:

  1. You require zero accounting or tax knowledge to run payroll. You immediately become a payroll genius.
  2. Takes only 10-minutes to step up your business payroll. The Template is fully formulared. 
  3. The Taxman becomes your friend. You learn not only how to calculate the payroll tax called PAYE, you also learn best payroll practises.
  4. You save money on expensive payroll software. Payroll software not only charges you based on the number of employees, but they also take hours of setting up and more hours of training, and yet more hours to mastery. 
  5. The price seems like a joke compared to everything you get. Yes, you cannot find a better offer anywhere.
  6. The ToolKit is current and compliant with the recent Finance Act changes made in December 2020, which took effect 1st January 2021. Every payroll tool you were using went obsolete effective 1st January 2021. Yes, the changes require that we all get a new payroll tool. This is it!
  7. It contains Pensions and NHF (National Housing Fund) calculations but doesn’t force them on you, unlike other payroll tools.
  8. The Toolkit helps you become equipped when hiring. Imagine seeing in one glance everything an employee would cost your company. Imagine being able to discuss employee tax with the proposed employee. 
  9. You immediately get a payroll software that can handle all payroll matters – Tax, Pensions, NHF, Days off, Suspension, Promotion, New staff, Exiting staff, Bonuses, Penalties and other issues that come up monthly, while making the payroll. Most payroll software cannot do all of these.
  10. Finally, it is the perfect blend of ease-of-use, friendly-pricing, easy-of-deployment, added-benefits and the Nigerian SME’s payroll best friend.

How easy is it to use the Payroll Template?
Just 4 easy steps that take 10 minutes
Step 1: Enter the name of your business
Step 2: Enter the month of payroll you are making, for example: February 2021
Step 3: Enter the names and monthly salary of each employee
Step 4: Enter any variations, example: someone resumed mid-month, or someone resigned mid-month or staff bonus is given to some people
That’s all – Payroll is ready
Everything is automatically calculated

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