This ebook is for every Nigerian business owner

HOw to pay yourself salary

Business coaches keep talking about 'Pay yourself a salary', but no one is telling you how exactly.

More and more times you hear, "Separate yourself from your business". Again, no one is saying how.

Dear Nigerian business owner, the one sure way to run a sustainable business, that will survive while you are alive and even after you, is to separate yourself from the business.

The one method of separating yourself, which everyone preaches is: PAY YOURSELF.

The questions that no one answers are:
– How do I pay myself?
– How do I calculate it?
– Is there a formular for calculating it?
– What taxes do I pay on the earnings I paid myself?
– Are my taxes affected by the structure of my business?

These questions and several more, this ebook answers.
It is one sure Guide for every Nigerian business owner.

WOW! 3 amazing bonuses!!!

A 10-page ebook which helps you understand the Profit or Loss account, so you can interprete the accounts that an accountant gives to you, make sense of it, and make decisions to help your business grow.

A 7-page ebook which teaches you to track all the cash in your business; whether cash sales or cash expenses, or whatever the source of the cash.

An excel template which automatically calculates your tax as a business owner.

Over 2800 people cannot be wrong

Here's a note for you from the Author, in her own words

“Hello, my name is Chioma Ifeanyi-Eze. I am the small business accountant that you always dreamt of. It is such a pleasure to have you here.

Let me tell you a little about me and my journey.

In 2015, I quit my 11 year-old accounting career, to launch Accountinghub – an accounting firm specially focused on connecting with SMEs using a very unique approach.

My approach was to teach and serve accounting in extremely simple ways, using story-telling and very easy to understand techniques.

I grew an amazing community of SMEs who have now come to love Accountinghub.

Over 30,000 SMEs live on our social media pages. With over 5,000 visits every week, we have built the most-exciting accounting knowledge-base that you can find globally.

I have done accounting jobs for over 500 SMEs and trained well over 5000 SME owners.

So, I need you to relax, you are in very safe hands. I am that 13-year old Chartered Accountant who has spent a lot of time finding the best ways to connect and pass on accounting knowledge to business owners, like you, who have zero or little appreciation for numbers.

I am called the Queen of simplified accounting, because I have developed a very rare skill of making complex things seem very simple.

Yes, you should go ahead and purchase this ebook My promise to you, is that you will understand and enjoy every bit of it. Go ahead and ask around, my teachings are overly exciting and amazing. You would wonder why you haven’t met me before now.”

Yes, it is a steal. You would wonder why we pegged the price at 1000 Naira only.



You finally get to understand how to split your business profits into the portion you pay yourself and the one that you re-invest into the business.

You suddenly realize that 1000 Naira can be so much more than a small-size shawarma.

Remember your ‘A for Apple’ book in primary school? Remember how easy and fun it was to read? That’s exactly what you have here.

We sent out mails asking for reviews. Think about it – would you ask for review for a bad product? We know we have a great book, so we boldly asked for reviews.

Time is running out - The bonuses will disappear soon


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