Do you know the one sure way to make profit in your business?

The one sure way to making profit in your business, is by selling at a price that covers the cost. 

  • It is not by selling out all your goods.
  • It is not by selling to a ton of customers.
  • It is not by selling globally.
  • It is not by having an organized business structure.

PRICING RIGHT IS THE SINGLE SURE WAY to striking profits in business.


A step-by-step beginner-level video course

Proper pricing leads to Profitability; and Profitability leads to Sustainability

Let's read some stories of what business owners are doing wrong in their pricing

Meet Tamora, she is a small business owner who produces and sells hair and body products. Tamora, like several other small business owners, fixes her prices ‘off- her-head’.

She just thinks about all the ingredients that went into production, then comes up with a random price.

This is wrong and not the right way to Pricing.

Meet Alex, a business coach. Like other service providers, he started off being very confused about how to fix prices for his services. He finally settled for some random prices and charges more when he meets a prospect whom he feels can pay more.

Again, this is wrong, and not the right way to pricing.

Pricing should not just be random

Pricing should not be mental work. You honestly cannot subject the entire profit and life of your business to very faulty mental work.

Pricing has a method and objectives

  • Pricing should cover all costs; including the cost of your machines, electricity, the security guard’s salary, and even the rent.
  • Pricing should be calculated in a step-by-step method.
  • A mix of pricing strategies should be blended in.

Pricing is calculation and strategy-based not guesswork and emotions-based

Look at Adora. See the transformation in her business when she learnt how to price properly. She realised she was always unable to afford her rent each year, because she never included it in her pricing. She was never able to pay herself a decent salary also because she also didn’t consider it when pricing.

After learning her calculations, she learnt some pricing strategies and the right method to calculating her prices; while considering all costs.

So do you want to stop using random prices that robs your profits? Do you want to learn pricing strategies that will grow your customers, revenues and profits?

A step-by-step beginner-level video course

The perfect 2-hour online course and e-book and pricing templates that teaches you exactly how to price your goods and services

  •  including calculations
  •  including strategies
  •  including case studies
  •  including templates

Learn how to price your products and services using simple calculations, strategies, step-by-step processes, exciting images, relatable examples, yet having no accounting background, or even being great with numbers.

There are no boring theories or accounting terminologies. Straight-to-the-point and aimed at growing your business profits.

This online-video -course is not like any other.

  • The teaching style is super-simple. 
  • It adopts a step-by-step approach
  • It is broken down into 11 modules, each one builds from the previous one
  • Each module starts with an introduction and ends with a Recap
  • You even become a champion at the end of each completed module
  • It covers every business type – products, services or even production-based

Who is this Course for?

  • Every business owner who does not have an internal pricing or costing team or accountants
  •  Whether your business sells products or services
  •  Whether your business is very rare and unusual
  •  Whether you are great with numbers or not
  •  Whether you have some appreciation of basic maths or not
  •  All you need is elementary number and math skills which you are already using in your everyday life and a huge love for your business

At the end of this Course, you will be able to:

  • Calculate the price of your products
  •  Calculate the price of your services
  •  Understand very deeply how each dress you sell or each service you sell can pay your rent salaries and other indirect costs
  •  Learn exactly how to apply a mix of pricing strategies in your business
  •  Learn also how to build a pricing template all from scratch
  • Understand the estimations that pricing involves and learn also to handle them
  • Channels the mind to a very practical and relatable dimension to pricing

Big companies can afford to hire pricing/costing experts.
These people hold full-time job roles that ensures they keep costing, pricing and re-pricing all the offerings of the business, to ensure profitability of the business.

…but what is the fate of the small business owner?

He will stay without a pricing expert and keep fighting to strike profits, with randomly guessed prices?

Surely, there must be a way to learning pricing as a small business owner. 

This is it - Every small business owner can learn to do his pricing here in less than 2 hours

Have you ever heard of a Course attended by over 700 people and over 100 people sent in amazing reviews?

Review 1 - A professional who stopped practising over 20 years ago says the class was excellent. 3 hours went by without a boring second

Review 2 - 24 pages notes from a 3-hour exciting class

Review 3 - The teaching style is exceptional; 3 hours and never got tired

Here are some of the things the students who took this Course had tried before:

  • Taken several other pricing courses, even far more expensive courses
  • Attended several Accelerator programs where pricing was taught
  • Tried to learn on their own from Youtube
  • Paid premium one-on-one sessions
  • Off-the-top-of-their-head, tried to figure out their pricing
  • Read tons of blog posts and publications on Pricing

The Course Content

This Course is organized into 11 Modules. Each Module is a building block for the next. Completing each Module takes only about 10 minutes.

Along with this 11-Module video course, you get 2 very exciting bonuses

Yes, it is a steal. You would wonder why we pegged the price at 5000 Naira only and included these exciting bonuses.



Just incase you are thinking - "I'm so busy, I don't have time to watch the videos". Here's how long you have access to the videos...

Here's a note for you from the Course Creator, in her own words

“Hello, my name is Chioma Ifeanyi-Eze. I am the small business accountant that you always dreamt of. It is such a pleasure to have you here.

Let me tell you a little about me and my journey.

In 2015, I quit my 11 year-old accounting career, to launch Accountinghub – an accounting firm specially focused on connecting with SMEs using a very unique approach.

My approach was to teach and serve accounting in extremely simple ways, using story-telling and very easy to understand techniques.

I grew an amazing community of SMEs who have now come to love Accountinghub.

Over 30,000 SMEs live on our social media pages. With over 5,000 visits every week, we have built the most-exciting accounting knowledge-base that you can find globally.

I have done accounting jobs for over 500 SMEs and trained well over 5000 SME owners.

So, I need you to relax, you are in very safe hands. I am that 14-year old Chartered Accountant who has spent a lot of time finding the best ways to connect and pass on accounting knowledge to business owners, like you, who have zero or little appreciation for numbers.

I am called the Queen of simplified accounting, because I have developed a very rare skill of making complex things seem very simple.

Yes, you should go ahead and purchase this Course.”

This is Module 4 - Have a taste of the inside.
Enjoy the video!

The Course delivery is amazing!

Time is running out - The bonuses will disappear soon


The statistics speak for themeself. We had 107 amazing reviews. We have shared 20 reviews here with you – raw, uncut, unedited, just the way each one wrote it. Surely, these people found something valuable.

Have you heard of Accountinghub?

Accountinghub is Nigeria’s leading Bookkeeping firm. It is well-known across Nigeria because it births accounting in a very special way. At the top of our focus at Accountinghub, is helping small business owners to access accounting knowledge and services, in very relatable ways. So, we teach accounting using simple online courses or live classes, we tell accounting stories, we sing accounting, we dance accounting, we keep it easy and breezy. We have automated the accounting systems of over 400 businesses and trained well over 5000 business owners. 

Review 4 - She will recommend the Course to other SMEs

Review 5 - She had attended several pricing Courses, but learnt nothing

Review 6 - It was the best webinar she ever attended

Review 7 - She is a Phenomenal Teacher

Quite often, people complain about taking a Course, and at the end, feeling like it doesn’t nicely address their unique business. This is not the case for this Course. We have very practical examples drawn from 3 case studies. Surely, your business fits into either a trading business or a production business or a servce business.


We'll leave you with no risk

No, we are not leaving you with any RISK of buying a product that doesn’t do what was promised. We totally understand your fears about online purchases. 

We know all your fears...
Why not read more reviews and find people who had the same fears as you.

Review 8 - She hates maths, but agrees the course was simplified

Review 9 - Simple, yet detailed teaching style

Review 10 - It takes a lot of self-development to simplify a complex topic

Review 11 - Class was IFIE -Interesting, Fun, Informative & Educative

Review 12- I am also an accountant, but you are the pro SME accountant

Review 13 - One of her best achievements in 2020

When you purchase this Course, you get an email. Please keep an eye on both your inbox and junk box (promotions box as Gmail refers to it). You can then click the enroll link to enroll into our online academy and start watching your vidoes immediately. You can immediately download your bonuses from the email.

It’s the perfect DIY (Do-it-yourself) Course. We hold your hand and get you to build a pricing template for your business, all from a blank sheet. Now, how cool is that? Have no fears – you only need to be able to add, subtract, divide and multiply – those are very basic things that you already do everyday in your business and even in your personal life.

Review 14 - Easiest accounting class ever attended


Review 15 - She sent in a picture of herself enjoying the class and making so much notes

Review 16- Had zero accounting knowledge before the class

Review 17 - Works very hard, but cannot explain where the money goes at monthend. The class was an answer to her prayers.

Review 18 - The Instructor out did herself. Ordered an ebook written by the Instructor

Review 19 - Never knew an accounting class could be so interesting

Review 20 - She had a Template from a Business School MSc, but the class still brought her so much clarity


...and one final word from a business owner like you

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