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  • Accountant-on-call

    • Need a trained accountant urgently?
    • Accountant suddenly resigned?
    • Need the accountant to sit-in at your office?
    • Need to start a Project quickly and there's not enough time to recruit an Accountant?
    • Need an Accountant for just a few days of activity?
    • Lets fill the gap immediately
    • Pricing relates to one week
    30,000 ex VAT
  • Free

    Accounting Faculty at SME Events

    • Get an Accounting expert to speak at an SME event
    • Reimburse any associated costs only
    • Currently only available in Lagos, Nigeria
    • Other major locations around Nigeria, coming soon

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    0 ex VAT
  • Annual Budgets

    • Prepare an annual Revenue and Expense budget for your business
    • Brief with Accountinghub Consultant to understand the budget need and business peculiarities
    • Get Master Budget, underlying assumptions and supporting budgets
    • Training on the budget, its control and variance measurements also available
    30,000 ex VAT
  • Annual CIT Filing

    Because we know you need more Products to meet your small business need

    30,000 ex VAT
  • Annual PAYE Filing

    • File prior year PAYE returns before 31st January and avoid the 500k penalty for your business
    • Currently only available in Lagos, Nigeria
    10,000 ex VAT
  • Audited Accounts

    • Need annual statutory audited accounts? Let’s link you to our audit partners
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  • Bank Reconciliations

    • Ensure your every business transaction is captured from your bank statement
    • Agree the bank statement with your internal account books
    • Reconcile all customer payments into your account, all bank charges and all spendings from your account
    • Fee relates to one bank statement only for a period not exceeding 2 months
    20,000 ex VAT
  • Bookkeeping Academy

    • Become a master tech-Bookkeeper; boost your value
    • Acquire skills to improve your accounting career
    • Learn cloud accounting
    • Enrol for a three months academy
    200,000 ex VAT
  • Bookkeeping Cleanup

    • Been running your business for several months/years without any proper accounting? Need help to tidy up and go clean? 

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  • CAC Business Name Registration

    • Obtain a business name registration for your sole enterprise or partnership
    • In 10 workings days
    • Requirements are:
      1. Name and addresses of business partners
      2. Three different proposed business name, arranged in order of choice
      3. Passport photographs of business owners
      4. Full business address
      5. Date of commencement of business.
      6. Nature of business.
    23,500 ex VAT
  • CAC Company Registration

    • Obtain a CAC registration for your company of N1m share capital
    • Timeline is 10 workings days
    • Requirements are:
      1. Full names of directors and shareholders
      2. Residential addresses of directors.
      3. Company's head office address
      4. Nature of business
      5. Three different proposed business names
    53,500 ex VAT
  • CAC Registration of Incorporated Trustees

    • Obtain a CAC registration for your Religious bodies, schools, foundations, clubs and social cultural association
    • Timeline is 15 working days
      1. Full names, residence, occupation and signatures of trustees.
      2. Rules/constitution of the organization duly signed and dated
      3. Common seal
      4. Objects of the organization
    140,000 ex VAT
  • Company & Employees Pensions Registrations

    • Get a PENCOM registration for your company
    • Get PFA and PEN registrations for your employees
    • Fees covers up to maximum of 10 employees. Additional fee applies for more employees
    15,000 ex VAT
  • Company TCC Processing

    Lets help you process your annual Tax Clearance Certificate with the FIRS.

    Price applies for one year only

    30,000 ex VAT
  • Federal Tax Registration

    • Just started a new business? Or never paid attention to your business tax matters? Let’s get you on the right side.
    • Get a Tax Identification Number (TIN)
    • Proper updated company file with the FIRS
    • Guide on applicable taxes and stipulated deadlines
    • Currently only available in Lagos, Nigeria
    10,000 ex VAT
  • Financial Models

    • Have an amazing business idea? Why don’t we help test the viability using numbers?
    • Brief with Accountinghub Consultant to understand business idea and associated variables
    • We build the assumptions together
    • Get the Revenue, Cost, Investment and Profitability models all built bespoke for your business
    60,000 ex VAT
  • Monthly Pensions Remittance

    • Have employees belonging to various Pensions Funds? Monthly Pensions Remittances seem like a burden? Why don’t we take the bother
    • Guidance on Pension computations
    • Guidance on payments to PFAs/PFCs
    • Supporting schedules prepared
    • Fee applies for a maximum of 30 employees
    10,000 ex VAT
  • Payroll Monthly Run

    • Monthly computation of employee remuneration and statutory deductions
    • Applicable payroll variations are effected
    • Get a Payroll Master Sheet produced
    • Auto pay-slips emailed to all staff
    • Documented details of payroll variations
    • Bank payment schedule
    • Fee applies for a maximum of 10 employees
    • For additional number of employees, we will provide a pricing chart
    20,000 ex VAT
  • Payroll System Setup

    • Get a payroll system customized to your business but correctly and automatically computes required deductions
    • No capital investment required for a payroll software
    • One month free payroll run
    30,000 ex VAT
  • Payroll Training

    • Let your Accountant or HR personnel learn how to prepare a proper monthly payroll
    • 3 hour session covering impacting taxes/regulations, effecting monthly variations, auto-payslips and loads more
    • Price is per trainee
    30,000 ex VAT
  • Process Improvement

    • Get professional help to streamline, improve and document your complicated major business processes.
    • Flow Charts, inclusive
    • Templates and Forms are created
    • Process Manual
    70,000 ex VAT
  • Recruitment & Training of Accountant

    • Need one staff only? Get an Accountant to double as an Administrator
    • Accountant is specially trained and adopted to your business
    • Get help negotiating monthly pay for the Accountant
    40,000 ex VAT
  • Recruitment of Accountant

    • Share your specifications with us and we’ll help you recruit an accountant
    • Let’s also help with negotiating the pay for the Accountant
    30,000 ex VAT
  • SageOne Accounting Setup

    • Accounting processes of your business are automated using the amazing SageOne accounting software.
    • Accounting System setup and customization to suit your business needs (includes building your Chart of Accounts)
    • 1 month post implementation virtual support
    • Need help choosing an accounting system for your business? See here
    50,000 ex VAT