Do you run a skincare or haircare production business?

Businesses which produce skincare or haircare items, package them and sell, have very poor bookkeeping.

They are told that their businesses are complex-production-based businesses and that they would require some ERP or complex software to handle their bookkeeping. These software cost several millions.

The real problem is however not the software, it is the PROCESS. They need guidance with pricing, tracking their inventory and step-by-step tutelage of an expert.

Accounting problems are more about the processes, not the software. If good processes are not perfected even while using a manual accounting system, automation using accounting software, will not amount to any great results.


Who is this Course for?


  • The owner of the business that produces skin-care or hair-care products

  • The manager or administrator that works for a business that produces skin-care or hair-care products

  • The one who is currently struggling with her accounting

  • The one who is afraid to invest in an expensive accounting software

  • The one who is considering taking on resellers and stockists, but is worried about handling their records

  • The one who doesn’t want trial-and-error with automating her business accounting

  • The one who understands the place of knowing her business numbers, in growing the business

What do I require to take this Course?

  • Zero accounting knowledge
  • A computer (laptop or desktop)

  • Internet access

  • A heart open to learning


Topics covered

  1. How to set the perfect selling price
  2. An introduction to the Sage accounting software

  3. Tracking your sales

  4. Knowing your daily profits

  5. Accounting for your production

  6. Tracking expenses

  7. Tracking inventory of raw materials

  8. Tracking inventory of finished products

  9. Monthly reports: Profit or Loss Report, Detailed Sales Report, Detailed Item Report, Detailed Customer Report

  10. Bonus lesson – Accounting for managing Resellers and Stockists (Sale-or-Return-Basis or Outright-sales-basis)


  1. Pricing computation template
  2. Downloadable step-by-step PDF Guide on calculating the ideal selling price

  3. Free inventory software for tracking raw materials

  4. Useful tips from our Founder on growing your skincare or haircare business, with brilliant accounting

Learning outcomes

At the end of the Course, you should be able to:

  • Create ideal selling prices for each product in your range

  • Keep 100% track of your sales, expenses, inventory, customers and resellers

  • Produce useful monthly reports that show if your business is profitable or not; and aid in several other decisions

  • Have a crystal-clear guide to your business accounting, for your employees to use and pass-on, from one person to another

" After doing bookkeeping for over 500 businesses, I clearly understand that each kind of business, require its kind of step-by-step bookkeeping guide. "
Chioma Ifeanyi-Eze
Founder & ceo, accountinghub
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