Stocktaking and Stockcounts

The Accountinghub Stocktaking community

Businesses which hold inventory clearly need help to take stock.

Stocktaking (or stock count) occur for several reasons, amongst which are:

  1. Valuation of worth
  2. Automation of inventory management system
  3. Setup of internal control
  4. Audit or investigation reasons and several other reasons

Whatever the objective of the stocktaking, Accountinghub will be here to help.

With an active community of over 1000 stocktakers, we count, tag, check for expiry, sort, organize, automate and value your inventory, within a few hours.

Using a tech-based approach, mobile devices are used to capture data by the Stocktakers. The data is transmitted to a central cloud storage, from which the Managers collate the stock count results.

Whether, it is a small shop which requires a team of 5 or massive warehouse which require teams above 50 people; we are well equipped to undertake the stocktaking event.



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