Why this?

In 2015, SMEDAN reported that there are about 37million SMEs in Nigeria. We all know that number keeps growing geometrically each year.

We estimate that there are about 9000 licensed accounting firms in Nigeria, serving these SMEs. That gives us a ratio of 1:4000 accounting firms, available to serve these SMEs.

This means that each accounting firm (or accountant) is called to acquire capacity to serve thousands of SMEs, using the power of technology and entrepreneurship.

Several businesses and persons train people to use accounting software. Several others build and offer accounting software for sale. However, no one is teaching the business side of selling and building revenues from accounting software.

Artistes like Davido and even much bigger ones like Beyonce all realise that having a skill and running the business of the skill are very different things. So, they hire expensive managers to run the business side of their skills. How then do accountants learn accounting software, without learning the business side of it and hope to make a success out of it?

In Nigeria, audit firms constitute of 90% of licensed accounting firms. Purely bookkeeping and accounting software firms are just gaining grounds. There is so much more room available.

For several years, SMEs in Nigeria did not and several of them still do not, have access to affordable, properly-deployed, timely-deployed, proper-fit, accounting software. Some businesses have spent several millions of Naira, all in an effort to get their accounting software right.

This is the age of technology. Every business is called to deploy some technology to automate its processes and grow its business. Where are the army of tech-accountants ready and available to take up this call?

Ask yourself, how many accountants who are accounting software experts, from sales to deployment to usage to training, do you know? Can you make a list of 10, off your head, without going through an intensive Google search?


Let's meet

Hello, my name is Chioma Ifeanyi-Eze. I am a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN).

A little over 4 years ago, I thought through the reasons discussed above and I realized I had to strongly build skills as an accounting software expert; both technical and business skills.

Learning various accounting software was not the problem. There were several physical and online trainings by Nigerians and non-Nigerians; expensive and affordable. There were even loads of adverts on social media, to learn accounting software for as low as 15,000 Naira; but no one was teaching accountants to use these skills and tools to support SMEs.

So, I had to struggle to figure it out.

My story

I had worked for 11 years in various accounting capacities across various businesses. My accounting career started in PwC Nigeria, then BankPHB, then leading the accounting role at Jumia Nigeria and moving on to lead several more accounting teams in oil and gas, technology, air-logistics businesses, just to mention a few.

In these 11 years, I witnessed several failed accounting software implementations, which cost millions of Naira. Several varying reasons contributed to these failures. Ranging from non-fit accounting software, to poor understanding of the business by the implementation team, to poor training methods, to unskilled implementation team, to very prolonged implementation timelines and several more reasons.

I knew there had to be a better way, so, I went into intensive research, seeking answers.

I spent 8 months researching and learning.

Then, in December 2015, I quit fulltime career to launch Accountinghub on 21st January 2016. 

While still in career in 2015, while I was researching, learning and planning, I took the examinations to qualify as a Sage accounting software licensed Advisor and Reseller. I passed, scoring over 90%.

After qualifying, I had to move from no level to Bronze level through the ladder, all the way through to the top. I achieved this within a few months. By October 2016, when Sage would usually commence a new financial year, I was officially listed as a Platinum-status Advisor; the only one in Nigeria, with no advisors in both Gold and Silver positions.


What did I do right?

I mastered the business side of things.

I stopped seeing myself merely as an accountant, but more as a business owner, who had problems to solve.

Today, about 4 years later, I am still Nigeria’s No 1 Sage advisor, to the Sage cloud accounting software. I have deployed the tool for over 400 businesses. When people think of Sage, they remember me or my business, Accountinghub. I am such an expert in the tool and its selling, I close deals every day. At my last count, I receive an average of 4 new briefs across Nigeria, each day. Even though I play in the small business market, I earn my Sage rebates in millions of Naira.

This can become your story

This is a journey to teach you what has taken me 4 intensive years to learn.

Wow! If ever I had this opportunity, I would have scaled these 4 years faster.

Today, you have the opportunity of learning from one of Nigeria’s most innovative and business-oriented accountants. Each week, over 4000 SMEs gather across my business social media pages, to learn from my teachings.

This is my first ever class with accountants, where I share my story , my techniques, my strategies, my failures, my do’s, my don’ts, my improvements and how I got here.

I will be hosting this closed session with just 10 accountants, where we sit round a table, teaching, learning  and discussing the business of accounting software.

You can picture that your old school mate has suddenly became very rich. Then, you go to him and say, “Bros, show me the way na. Don’t give me fish, teach me to fish”. He finally accepts to teach you and invites you to a closed door meeting, where he carefully explains his step-by-step story and methods. Wow! Your aha moment would have arrived; totally priceless. It would be a major break in your life.

This is exactly what I will be doing at this session.


How the Session will be structured

What topics will be covered?


How do I join the Session, I am interested?

Simply sign up the Form below and registration details will be emailed to you. Ensure to check both your inbox and spam box.

Kindly note that once we hit 10 participants, you might be contacted to accept a refund of your payment. It is best you get in, real quickly.

I am currently running a class where I am training workplace accountants. It is titled The Ideal Workplace Accountant Course (TIWAC). The fee was 300,000 naira for 20 people and in 10 days, it was over-subscribed. There is a high chance that this opportunity will close in few days, so, get in immediately.

" I can't wait to meet you. Come, walk with me on this transformational journey "
Chioma Ifeanyi-Eze
Founder & ceo, accountinghub
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