Dear accountant or aspiring accountant, it is no secret that the 'accounting' you learnt in school is soooo different from the 'accounting' that your employer demands in the workplace.

Every accountant who must be relevant in the workplace needs to learn the accounting skills for the workplace

Hello my dear friend,

My name is Chioma Ifeanyi-Eze. I am an accountant who has worked for over 600 SMEs in Nigeria and trained over 100,000 business owners.

600 SMEs?

100,000 business owners?


I found the right accounting knowledge that these businesses and people needed and they got drawn to me.

Let me explain a bit more.

Like many of us, I went to the University and I studied accounting, but ofcourse when I graduated, I knew nothing that an employer needed of me.

But unlike many of us, I quickly went in search of the right accounting knowledge that will make me highly sought in the workplace and by many businesses and organizations.

Today, I hear people say, “Talk to Chioma, all your business accounting issues will be over”.

Yes, I developed huge accounting competency that is not theory, but very practical and needed in the workplace.

I am that accountant who would resume work today and immediately be able to perform whatever task that is thrown at me.

If the company has issues with tax authorities, I would re-compute all the taxes, do all the filings, write all the required letters, attend meetings at the tax office and close out all the issues.

If the company has no financial statements, I will immediately deploy a simple accounting software, start entering transactions and generate reports in no time.

If the company needs to make a budget for the year, quarter or month, I will immediately put up a template, meet with various process owners and create a budget in record time.

If the company is struggling with customers and debtor management, the accounting software I deployed will immediately start tracking customer ledgers, while I deploy the best possible recovery strategies.

If the company is struggling with inventory, I would immediately organize a stocktake, get the opening balances, automate the inventory, and train others to use the new processes/systems, and inventory issues will become history.

Permit me to say in all humility, I am the ideal plug-and-play accountant. 

The accountant who steps into any SME and takes over the accounting department seamlessly, because I have every skill that is needed.

So I ask, would you love me to be your Coach for 6 weeks?

Would you love access to me personally?

Would you like me to teach you to become like me?

Then read on.

TIWAC means The Ideal Workplace Accountant Course. A 6-weeks Course where you learn everything you need to become the perfect and ideal accountant who is fitted for the workplace

  • Accounting principles
  • Accounting technology
  • Accounting experience from over 600 businesses
  • Accounting practical issues at the workplace
  • TIWAC combines everything

Here’s why you need this Course:

  1. There is a huge gap in the availability of skilled accountants to meet the needs of the growing numbers of SMEs in Nigeria.
  2. The professional accounting bodies are excellent preparatory grounds for an accountant. The Accountant who adds practical skills and technology to his professional certificate, soon becomes highly sought.

You might already be working as an accountant. This is the Course that totally upgrades your skill.

The TIWAC Course Outline

  1. Entry-level accounting basics – a refresher of the basic accounting you learnt in school that practically apply in the workplace
  2. Bookkeeping in the workplace – capturing transactions
  3. Accounting technology tools that SMEs use
  4. Building the Chart of accounts from scratch for any business
  5. Setting up the finance dept of any business from scratch
  6. Accounts Receivable – Managing Customers and Debtors
  7. Accounts Payable – Managing Suppliers and Creditors
  8. Expenses and other payments
  9. Petty cash management
  10. Payroll and statutory requirements
  11.  Bank reconciliation 
  12.  Inventory management and stock-taking
  13.  Fixed Assets Management
  14.  Budgets and budget-reporting
  15.  Departmental accounting/Project accounting
  16.  Monthly financial reporting/management reporting 
  17.  Taxes – Computations, Filings, Processes and dealing with the taxman
  18.  Managing and storing accounting documents
  19.  Creating and managing accounting processes in a business
  20. Banking relationship Management 
  21. Working with auditors – statutory audits and tax audits
  22. Treasury functions of the workplace accountant
  23. The start-up accountant – Fundraising, financial projections, and advising management
  24. Organizing your work-life to become a highly-sought-after accountant

Who is this Course for?

  • The young accounting graduate who is seeking a job and wants to arrive his new job with good enough knowledge to kick off
  • The accountant who has worked several years, but knows nothing about accounting software and several other things he should know of. He knows deep down inside of him that he is struggling on the job, earning far below what be should earn based on years of experience and is very far from being a good accountant
  • The one who studied Accounting in school but never had the opportunity to practise or find an accounting job, now trying to find his way back into an accounting career.
  • The one who did not study Accounting; and now seeks to build an accounting career

Course Fee and Other Details

– Classes hold 100% online. 2 hours on Saturday, and 2 hours on Sunday for 6 weeks.

– Time for the classes is 8 am to 10 am on Saturdays and 7 pm to 9 pm on Sundays.

– Course participants will be expected to attend each class on a computer.

– Certificates will be issued to Course Participants upon completion

– Assessments tests will hold during the Course season

The Course fee is 400,000 Naira (Four hundred thousand naira only). Kindly make payment to Accountinghub Academy, Access Bank, 0805957282 is the account number. Then email us on

– The Course commences on Saturday, 2nd July 2022.

A Summary about the Course

  • Takes you from zero to the ideal workplace accountant
  • The entire course is taught using the latest technology tools an accountant should know
  • There is nothing that is taught using manual methods.
  • The Course is extremely practical. It does not teach the theories that you learnt in school. It teaches the practicals that you need to build and navigate a brilliant accounting career
  • The course is a great guide for the one who did not study Accounting in school, but seeks to venture into the accounting career and fit into the workplace
  • The Course is delivered using such very basic teaching styles that even a person who never sat in an accounting class can understand

This will become your story

Imagine you resume work today as an accountant in a HR Consulting firm, your role would cover the following:

  • Raise and send invoices to clients
  • Receive payments and issue Receipts
  • Manage the petty cash
  • Calculate and file the taxes
  • Spend time with the auditors at year end doing the statutory audit
  • Prepare a budget for each training and even for the year
  • Make postings into an accounting software
  • Perform bank reconciliations monthly
  • Make payments to facilitators who handled your trainings as well as payment for other expenses
  • Prepare payroll for the organization
  • Recover debts from owing clients
  • Manage the assets or the company by maintaining proper asset listing and depreciation schedules Write up simple policies and processes to guide the way that the accounting function works
  • Attend tax audits and defend the company when the tax man raises questions and 
  • Finally, generate several and multiple kinds of reports for management.

All these are several more, the course teaches.

TIWAC would transform you into the accountant who walks into this HR company and performs seamlessly every role expected of you.

About the Chief Instructor and Founder of Accountinghub – Chioma Ifeanyi-Eze 

  • 17 years experience working as an accountant
  • 16 years as a Chartered accountant
  • A Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants 
  • An Associate of the Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria
  • Worked for over 600 SMEs
  • Known as the tech-accountant and Queen of simplified accounting
  • Highly skilled at simplifying the complex
  • Ex-PwC and Ex-Finance Manager at Jumia Nigeria
  • Led accounting teams severally while in paid employment
  • Super-skilled at starting out accounting departments from scratch
  • A brilliant entrepreneur who understands and teaches business and accounting
  • A public speaker
  • Exciting inventions in running her accounting practise
  • Nigeria’s largest reseller and No 1 Adviser for the Sage cloud accounting tool
  • ICAN and several academic awards won
  • Wife and mother of 4

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