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0Introduction to Data-entryWhat data entry is, Why you should learn it, Why businesses need it and why they will pay for it
130+ expressions of data-entry jobsLearn over 30 ways that you can make money from your data-entry skill
2Using cloud storage toolsLearn how to use cloud tools to store your data-entry work for safety, collaborate with your clients and other uses
3The basics of Microsoft Excel and Google sheetsLearn the commonly-used formulars, formatting and basics of spreadsheets
4The basics of Microsoft Word and Google docsLearn the commonly-used formatting, featiures and basics of making written electronic documents
5Using electronic Forms to collect dataLearn to build electronic Forms and how they can be used to help your data-entry business
6Data-entry using spreadsheets (Excel and Google Sheets)Learn to take information and create-from-scratch proper spreadsheets and templates for businesses
7Building databases of people contactsLearn to build database of customers, suppliers, agents, resellers, etc for businesses
8Tracking sales – Invoicing with a softwareLearn to make professional-looking invoices using two invoicing software
9Tracking sales – Retail businessesLearn to track the sales of retail businesses using a retail software
10Tracking expenses and petty-cash managementLearn to track expenses for any business using spreadsheets and electronic Forms
11Basic Business Maths – Making simple business calculationsLearn to calculate selling price, profit, interest and other simple maths that apply in business
12Creating and tracking budgetsLearn to make a simple budget and monitor that income or expenses follow the budget
13Managing inventory with a softwareLearn to track inventory for a business using software
14Simple payroll managementLearn to track all payment to employees – fulltime or parttime, even wages, plus how to make payslips
15Performing ReconciliationsLearn how to make two or more records agree, by finding and investigating discrepancies
16Managing and tracking raw materials of a businessLearn to help businesses that use raw materials in production, track their inventory
17Managing and tracking production of a businessLearn to help businesses that produce, to track their finished goods produced
18Entering data into an accounting softwareLearn to enter data into an accounting software, even if you have no accounting experience
19Record your screen, record your voice trainingLearn the technology tools to record your voice and your screen so you can collaborate with anyone
20Weekly/Monthly/Job ReportingLearn to make simple reports weekly or monthly for your employer or client
21Converting various document typesLearn to convert documents from PDF to Excel to JPG and to whatever formats, including compressing and merging
22The tools you need to get started with your data entry hustleLearn everything you need to start-out your data-entry business from hardware to software to contracts to templates to everything else
23Billing for data entry jobsLearn exactly how to bill businesses/ your clients for data-entry jobs
24Work ethics for a data-entry executiveLearn the ethics required of you as a data entry expert working virtually or at location
25Handling a data entry projectLearn simple project-management skills that help you start and complete data-entry projects in record time
2620+ Strategies to market your data entry skill and build your first 5 customersLearn the exact strategies and methods to find and build your clients as a data-entry expert
27Performing simple online researchLearn to get information online as might be required for some data-entry jobs
28How to become a highly sought data entry expertLearn the things to do to become a highly-sought after data entry expert by standing out of the crowd
29The Simple Roadmap to making 1million Naira ($2000) in 6 months from your data-entry businessLearn two step-by-step journey maps that can make you $2000 in 6 months
30Scaling your data entry businessLearn exactly how to grow your data-entry business so you make more money
1Filing documentsLearn to store properly documents in hard and soft forms
2Link shorterningLearn to use bitly and other link shortening tools
3Scheduling and Managing meetingsLearn the tools to schedule and manage virtual meetings
4Improving your typing speedLearn to type faster so you can earn more in your data-entry business
5Breaking the fear – How to launch outLearn to overcome the fear of starting out as a data-entry expert
6Setting up data-entry structure for businessesLearn how to setup data-entry structures for small home-business-owners that want to enter their data themselves
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