Learn to use the free Wave accounting software, like a Pro

Learn to use the free Wave accounting software, like a Pro

wave accounting software

The Do-It-Yourself accounting software, for home businesses and early small businesses

Wave is a free accounting software; openly available for anyone to use online. If you have ever searched for a free invoicing tool, Wave was likely at the top of your Google search.

Learn Wave, in a self-paced video-online-course.
Price is 5,000 Naira only.

Does being a free tool mean Wave is easy to figure out?

There’s so much knowledge openly available on the internet, yet there are loads of things you still haven’t learnt. Why do you think this is the case?

It is because you need knowledge to be organized in a step-by-step manner, for you to completely comprehend any subject.

Let's face it - a 5-minutes Youtube video that teaches you to do a free invoice using wave, only covers one in thirty possible things that the software can do.

For your business to run perfectly well on an accounting tool, free or not, you need some guidance of an accountant. Afteral, accounting tools obey accounting principles and accountants, understand accounting principles.

This training covers over 90% of the Wave software capabilities

The training is for those who already use Wave for invoicing alone, those who use more than invoicing and even those who have never heard about this free tool.

Wave is a simple free accounting software, that serves as a great start for small businesses

Yes, as a free tool, it may not meet all your accounting software needs, but it is far better than starting out with spreadsheets.

Spreadsheets cannot send reminders to customers. Neither do they handle several other capabilities of an accounting tool.

The topics covered in this training are:

  • Signing up a Wave account
  • Setting up your business on Wave – 13 important things to set up
  • Creating your Chart of Accounts
  • Mapping your revenue streams
  • Dealing with customers – Invoicing, Receipting, Debtor-management and other issues
  • Dealing with vendors – Bills, Payments, Creditor-management and other issues
  • Entering expenses – from bank or petty cash
  • Entering other bank transactions
  • Performing bank reconciliations
  • Entering non-bank, non-customer and non-vendor transactions – Journal entries
  • A review of all the functions of the Wave tool
  • Understanding the reports from the tool
  • Discussion topic: At what point does my business need to upgrade from Wave?

Would you like to take a peep into this beautiful Course?

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...and there's a free gift for you.
It's a downloadable checklist to help you set-up your business properly on Wave

" I honestly believe that every business should have an accounting software from day one; not a book or a spreadsheet. A free tool gives everyone this opportunity."
Chioma Ifeanyi-Eze
Founder & ceo, accountinghub
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